Friday, November 17, 2017

This And That

Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--Attention Canada:  Saskatchewan will be closed for about three hours starting at Noon on Sunday. We hope you understand! Would I be correct with that statement?  Rider Nation will be glued to their radio, their TV, their tablet or whatever as the Saskatchewan Roughriders look to advance to the Grey Cup for the first time since that magical night at Taylor Field in 2013 that many of us still remember oh so well. Can they do it? Can they knock off the Argos to represent the East in the Grey Cup.  All I know is I need to visit Mark Habicht at the Rider Store to get a 2017 "East Division" champion shirt if it should happen.

By the way, how did no one come up with the BEL13VE slogan before now? What a great slogan! Who gets credit for that?

--Is this a sign of things to come.  The Riders have won their last four division finals.  (2007, 2009, 2010, 2013).  We know what their record is the week after, and yes the two losses are against the guy who will be coaching on the other sidelines (Marc Trestman) with his defensive co-ordinator (Corey Chamblin) being the guy who guided them to the 2013 title.

--TV ratings for the playoffs were up (especially the East semi), and the Argos are already pronouncing they will have their biggest crowd of the year.  It's not hard to see what the common denominator is.  The Riders are Canada's team. They are good for business.  Right TSN? Right Toronto? Will there be more Rider fans than Argo fans at BMO Place when kickoff hits. It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

--If its a Riders/Eskimos GC Final, will the story be the first time two Western teams have played for the Grey Cup? Remember in 2007, Winnipeg was technically in the East. While I would say yes, you know the Chris Jones defection to Regina after the Eskimos won the 2015 Cup will be brought up again and could end up getting top billing.

--If two Western teams qualify for the Grey Cup, will this make the CFL decide to get rid of East vs West and go with the top six teams making the playoffs?

--The Bombers are upset at the fact they let a good season get away. A team who is seemingly on the upswing has a lot of work to do in the off-season. Guys like Chris Randle, TJ Heath, Weston Dressler and Stanley Bryant are free agents.  Add Justin Medlock to that list too.  Yes, every team has its fair share of free agents, but there are rumblings the Bombers could be the team that gets hit the most once mid-February rolls along.

--The Eskimos name debate is raging again.  An Edmonton radio station has put out a survey asking listeners if the team was to change its name, what would you like it to be.  The "Energy"and "Elk" are both leading the way.  The Edmonton Elk.  Imagine!

--Imagine the CFL being a 10 team one with that 10th team being situated in Halifax. That news broken by TSN's Dave Naylor got the attention of CFL fans far and wide. I'm very interested to see how this ends up.  I can't help but think it would be a huge success.  Would it be safe to say the Bluenosers would love their football team as much as the people in the Wheat Province?

--Week 11 NFL Lock of the Week -- Saints over Redskins
   Week 11 NFL Upset of the Week --  Bears over Lions

--Are the Eagles really the best team in the NFL? Their record says yes, but one has to think they would have their hands full with the Patriots, Steelers, Rams etc etc etc.

--Alex Anthopoulos became the GM of the Atlanta Braves this week.  It is already said if the Blue Jays don't get Josh Donaldson signed, sealed and delivered that AA will take a run at getting the 3rd baseman to move to Georgia. With a good young farm system, the Braves are poised to take over from Washington as the best team in the NL East in short order.  Blue Jays fans should just shake their head at how he just walked away thanks to the buffoonery that is Mark Shapiro.

--The Leafs don't need Auston Matthews it would appear.  It would appear as if Habs fans are ready to call it a season after losing to Arizona. Meanwhile, I am guessing the Oilers store at Rogers Place did not make any Mike Camalleri jerseys.  By the way, is the guy who looks like "Blue"from Old School that has shown up at Rogers Place the homeless guy that Ovechkin helped.  Who is that guy?

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Make it 5-0 in the last 5 division finals!!


Anonymous said...

Attention Canada: Win or lose, much of Saskatchewan may need Monday morning off as well!

Anonymous said...

Going to be known as "Sad"skatchewan on Sunday night folks. Home teams win!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet the Edmonton Sovereign Indigenous Nations in the Grey Cup