Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Man In Black Becomes A Brown

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have accepted Vice President of football operations, general manager and head coach, Chris Jones resignation request in order to pursue an NFL coaching opportunity.

“We are proud of what Chris came in and accomplished through his three seasons as general manager and head coach,” stated Riders President & CEO Craig Reynolds. “His work obviously didn’t go unnoticed and we congratulate him on his opportunity in the National Football League and thank him for his contribution to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.”

Chris Jones was originally hired on December 7, 2015.

 After going through a 5-13 rebuilding season in 2016, the Riders improved to 10-8 under Jones’ guidance in 2017 and appeared in a division final for the first time since 2013.

 Last season, the Green and White finished with the CFL’s second best record at 12-6 and hosted the West Semi-Final.

Jones was named CFL Coach of the Year for his efforts.

 Reynolds added, “We are fortunate to have many quality football leaders and coaches on our staff. We will evaluate and will look to fill the vacancy quickly.”

The Riders also announced Tuesday receiver Jordan Williams-Lambert has been granted his release so he can pursue an NFL opportunity. It is believed JWL will be signing or has signed a deal with the Chicago Bears.

(Ryan Pollock/Riders PR)

The story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Jones' hiring can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Like it or not, this is the fault of Craig Reynolds. Gave him wayyyyy too much power.

They have a huge mess to clean up and O'Day is not the person to do it, but he is the person who gets to.


Anonymous said...

The Duke said it the best.

"500 record, one playoff win in three years, Chris Jones was moderately successful."

Anonymous said...

** Caution ** Mr Craig Reynolds. Impulsive hiring of Jeremy O'Day replacing Gm Chris Jones not the answer to the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. Careful consideration to all team organization variables warranted moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Go Browns Go Go Browns Go

"In Jones We Trust"

New Cleveland Browns Fan from Sk.

SWC said...

So where's all the comments from the "In Jones we trust' crowd?

Anonymous said...

Good on Duke. he put it in perspective.

Anonymous said...

And he left us saddled with Stephen McAdoo.

Anonymous said...

This falls on Reynolds plate. He gave waaaaay too much power to Jones in all those positions held.

Anonymous said...

Look up, above your post.

"In Jones We Trust" Cleveland Browns, NFL.

Anonymous said...

Only one road to success and that is with an elite quarterback, and except for Hamilton with Masoli and the winner of the Mike Reilly lottery, things look pretty bleak for all the CFL teams for 2019. South of the border, the NFL has seen a real upswing in the emergence of superior talent at the position.

Anonymous said...

No other football teams or league opportunities came knocking at Jeremy O'Day's (Taman protege) door because he's not qualified (still relays on Tamans advice) so why should he be handed the gm job? That's charity if that happens and not well thought out moving forward by the football club. O'Dsy = Roughriders back with a less than mediocre Durant getting ludicrous money, Dressler catching nothing, Dyce head coach. Due diligence Mr Reynolds, get it right.

Anonymous said...

Belton Johnson thinks Scott Flory should be HC! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Let me repeat HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Guy is a complete buffoon and is at the place where he should be. I mean Belton and not Flory.


Anonymous said...

Team improved under Jones. They have gone from being GC favourites to middle of the pack now as far as I am concerned.

A major step backwards for the organization and one Reynolds has to take responsibility for.

Anonymous said...

January 15 will go down as a great day in Rider history. The day they rid themselves of Officer Barbrady from South Park!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's when the CFL's reigning coach of the year left for the greener pastures of a real professional football league, NFL baby! Left the little hickville hamlet known as Regina and its clueless inbred fanbase called Riderville a crying and a whining. Good on Chris Jones, good luck in Cleveland!


Anonymous said...

Sign a contract last week, break it this week. Yep in Jones we trust.

A little karma there. Now Reynolds knows how Edmonton felt when he stole Jones from the Esks.