Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Busy Sunday

The big news is the return of Curtis Hunt. CTV Regina breaking the story(thanks for the info Chris) that Hunt is returning to Regina to re-assume head coaching duties with the Regina Pats. Since word came out that Dale Derkatch's replacement could be Hunt, there has been positive feedback and negative feedback along with a lot of "it doesn't matter who the new guy is, Brent is still the problem". As I look at the Pats roster tonight, there are quite a few players that were here when he left. Those players were on a team that won the Eastern Division before losing to Swift Current in round 1. I'm guessing he has the respect of those players(not that Dale didn't) and he can make this team much better than the one that ended last season. If another NHL opportunity comes, the wheel continues to spin and I don't think that is good for the franchise, but as someone who knows the game a lot better than me told me. Players get their shot in the NHL through the WHL so why shouldn't coaches. Curtis wasn't the first one to leave and he won't be the last. It will be interesting to see what moves are made over the next couple of months.

(picture courtesy Canadian Press)

The Windsor Spitfires went into the Memorial Cup as the favourite and they win the title. After losing their first two games, Windsor beat the other three teams in succession to capture the trophy for the first time. The final score was 4-1. Kelowna goalie Mark Guggenberger may feel as if he's the lowest man on the totem pole today after his performance in the final. Guggenberger did not make a save in the final game as the first three shots he faced were shots he shovelled out of the net. Kelowna made it 3-1, but they couldn't close the deficit to one. If they had, we will never know if they could have evened it, but I had this feeling they could have. I love the Memorial Cup. I always have. However, I think the Rockets were victimized this year. They didn't play a game after Tuesday meaning they had a lot of time to sit back while Windsor just kept going. Kelowna did not look like the team that started off the tournament and I think the time off hurt them. I have said this for the past couple of years, but I would like to see more teams get in.
I would like to see the finalists in each league join the host team and a wild card entry. That entry would be a team that didn't make the final that was a CHL top 10 team. For instance this year, you would have Kelowna and Calgary from the WHL, Brampton and Windsor from the Ontario League and Drummondville and Shawnigan from the Quebec League. Add to that host Rimouski and lets just say the Vancouver Giants. You could have two divisions of four which would lead to semi-finals ( 1st place-division 1 vs 2nd place-division 2 in one game with 1st place-division 2 vs 2nd place-division 1) in the other. You would see more of the top players, the top teams and there wouldn't be such a long break. You would have to have two games a day but would that be a bad thing. I'm guessing Sportsnet wouldn't complain.
Speaking of Sportsnet, I was glad to hear they have signed a new five year deal with the CHL. It means my good friends Peter Loubardias and Sam Cosentino(junior hockey's version of Bob and Harry!!!! Sorry guys!)will be able to keep doing what they love for at least another five years. I know Peter is happier than a pig in you know what doing the Flames games for Sportsnet, but you get him around junior hockey and he is in his element. You won't find two better gentlemen than Pete and Sam and you won't find a better team either. I know you guys read this so congrats to both of you. Sam, did Kelly ever give you that picture of Peter. If he had, I know it would have made its way onto the air today!!!!! It would have been I say!!!!
While I would have liked to have seen the WHL rep win, I didn't have a problem with Windsor winning it especially at the end when they remembered their fallen captain. You may remember Mickey Renaud collapsed and died in his home during the 2007-2008 season. If you look at the picture, you will see Renaud's jersey is right there near the Cup. There are a couple of pics where the jersey drapes the Cup. Nice touch!!! From what Peter and Sam say, the Spitfires should be back to defend their title in Brandon next year as they don't lose many guys.
Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville is not a happy camper....

Quenneville with a nice little rant after his team was decimated 6-1 by the Wings in Game 4 of the West final putting Detroit within a game of going back to the Cup final. Looks like a rematch of last year boys and girls. Detroit winning this one without Pavel Datsyuk AND Nick Lidstrom. That makes the five goal margin of victory much more impressive.
Helio Castroneves wins the Indy 500. Brent Musberger with the line of the day. Musberger said "He(Castroneves) has gone from escaping the clutches of the IRS to sitting on top of the IRL(Indy Racing League). For those that don't know, Castroneves was recently acquitted on charges of tax evasion."
The Orlando Magic continue to make David Stern's life miserable. The NBA commish will never admit it, but he wants to see a Cleveland vs Lakers--I mean a Lebron vs Kobe final. Orlando is now up 2-1 in the East final after a win over James' Cavaliers and if it weren't for Lebron's miracle at the end of Game 2, they would be up 3-zip.
I know quite a few people who injured themselves this weekend while performing some kind of athletic feat. Many of these people are the same age as me. Like I have told them all, its time to start checking your birth certificate before doing these things. Stretch all you want but you are still in your mid 40's---you can't argue with time!!!
The NFL Network's "NFL Replay" on Sunday is a godsend for people like me.
Will Saskatchewan TV viewers get to see the "MLB Network" anytime soon. I want to see what its like. Then again, I'm not crazy about seeing former Sportsnet anchor Hazel Mae who is one of the talking heads on the "MLB network". Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against female anchors....I like Martine Gaillard and I have no problem with Jennifer Hedger, but I am not and was never a fan of Ms. Mae. May she never, ever take the spot of Charissa Thompson on "Best Damn Sports Show Period".
Could former Giants quarterback and CBS football analyst Phil Simms ever be confused with Pats head scout Todd Ripplinger???? Yeah, Simms probably has a better golf game. (Sorry Ripper!!). Seriously though, the two could have been separated at birth. Watching the Denver-Lakers game the other night, for a second I thought I saw a resemblance between LA's Lamar Odom and Rider QB Darian Durant, but after further review, I say no!
The Pope has gotten onto Facebook??!! Can you imagine opening your e-mail and seeing a message "The Pope would like to be your friend on Facebook". What happens if you ignore the request?? Can you see the Pope doing those favourite 5 lists that are on there now?? Here is the Pope's five favourite Italian soccer players?? Here is five places the Pope has never been where he wishes to go. CMON!!!!!
I have never been to Atlanta, but if I go, I am NOT eating at this place.

May your Monday be a good one! Before I forget, a happy birthday to my favourite girl. My wife Tracey turns------maybe I should just leave her age off of this. Its probably better that way. My first round draft pick has turned out to be a definite hall of famer!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why were the fans in Rimouski booing Kelowna yesterday?? They weren't doing that at the start of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Phil Simms and Ripper. BEAUTY!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 48 and I still run every day and play ball three times a week. Maybe you just need to get into shape Mitch.


Anonymous said...

I see you finally responded to one of many Dean in the 780 negative posts that is on Pedersen's blog. The guy is a complete and total idiot and that is being very detrimental to all the idiots out there. I ran into him at the shopping mall in Lloydminster this winter and when he left, my wife asked with brows raised. "Who was that??". My response was a couple of years ago he was the biggest asshole in Regina and he still must be carrying that title here. I had dealings with him when he was with the Pats and he was someone who definitely thinks his you know what isn't odorous.
His departure from the Pats is one of the few positives in the Parker era!!!!