Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hypocrisy--Thy Name is The NHL

The Detroit Red Wings have taken a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup final after another 3-1 win over the Penguins. This erases any theories about back-to-back games helping out the Penguins and should have people seeing that within the next week to ten days that Nick Lidstrom will have a meeting with Gary Bettman at centre ice to once again get the Cup.

While the Wings were perhaps a little fortunate to win this one as Pittsburgh had no puck luck, they once again capitalized on the opportunities they were given and they showed why they are the best team in the NHL. Its not the marquee Wings that are beating the Penguins....its the plumbers and the grinders. Fillipula, Helm, Cleary, Stuart, Kronwall and the Stanley Cup sniper--Justin Abdelkaber are the ones getting the job done. They are wearing Pittsburgh out and they are frustrating them immensely. So much so that Evgeni Malkin had to drop the mitts with Henrik Zetterberg at the end of the game. Malkin was given an instigator penalty which should mean a one game suspension.In fact, here's the rule stating such....

Rule 47.22: A player or goalkeeper who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five minutes of regulation time or at any time in overtime shall be suspended for one game, pending a review of the incident. The Director of Hockey Operations will review every such incident and may rescind the suspension based on a number of criteria. The criteria for the review shall include, but not limited to, the score, previous incidents, etc.

Oh wait, Malkin is a marquee player so the NHL will rescind that thus allowing Malkin to play. If Malkin was oh---Pascal Dupuis or Chris Kunitz or Rob Scuderi, I am guessing he would be sitting. I don't care who it is, if the guy has done something that results in a suspension then suspend him. Whatever happens from here on out can't have additional discipline tacked on now. Nice job Colin Campbell.


What is going on in Dallas???? It sounds like the naming of Joe Nieuwendyk as GM of the Stars caught everyone off guard. Its not as if the Stars ship is in that bad a shape is it. They missed the playoffs this year, but I think that had more to do with the Sean Avery situation. This team got their act together once Avery was gone, but by then it was too late. I expect Dallas to be a playoff team again next year. They certainly have the guys to do it in Turco, Richards, Morrow, Eriksson and Ribeiro. Don't forget about Modano either.


Former Warriors GM Chad Lang is inviting people into his home later today to talk about his weekend firing by the hockey club. I'm guessing it might be an interesting few minutes as Lang tells his story. I have heard a lot of horror stories about the Warriors board and one has to wonder if Chad is the latest to get caught up in a bad move. We will see. In an interesting move, the Warriors have called a news conference for the same time to introduce former Kelowna coach Jeff Truitt as their director of hockey operations. Why would the team send out a release acknowledging the hiring before the press conference. The Pats didn't do that with Curtis Hunt last week. It makes one go ??????. It also makes one wonder why the Warriors are choosing this time knowing its the same time as Chad's presser. Are the Warriors hoping no one will show up at Chad's. Do they actually think Chad won't wait for everyone to show up after going to the Truitt newser.
Whoever is in charge of publicity at the University of South Carolina might be wanting to clean out his desk today. Check out this ad that was put in Saturday papers throughout the state.....

Embracing mediocrity big-time in South Carolina ladies and gents. I don't know if something like this is that worthy of a full page ad is it.
I don't know if Charles Barkley was drunk Saturday night, but one has to wonder what the hell he was up to as TNT signed off on its NBA coverage for this year. Check out Charles.....

Seriously, what the hell are you doing and what are you thinking Charles??!!!Nice hat too!!!
Remember Rider fans. Single game tickets go on sale today. There aren't many to be had so buy them now. If you wait, you just might be out of luck.
Have a good Monday! OK...try to!

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Mitch, where's the love for Tim Clark. Did you see how he should have won the PGA event yesterday only to have his approach shot hit the flag and roll about 20 feet. I felt bad for the guy because on the 18th he missed his putt to win by about a foot. Does Tiger have to play for golf to be mentioned on here?

Who has Abelkader in the pool?? HA HA