Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Over Yet

Kelowna hockey fans packed into Prospera Place hoping to leave the building in a jubilant mood having seen their Rockets complete a four game sweep of Calgary to take the Ed Chynoweth Cup. That's not the way it went.
WHL player of the year Brett Sonne had two goals and two assists as the Hitmen avoid the sweep and send the series back to Calgary for Game 5 with a 6-2 win. Game 5 will be back in Calgary tomorrow and if the Hitmen win that one, you know the Rockets will be holding their sticks extremely tight for Game 6.
Overtime was the order of the night in the NHL with both home teams winning. The Penguins needed to win to get back into their series against the Capitals and it was Kris Letang who provided the heroics in a 3-2 win. While this series has been Sid vs Ovechkin, this one may have been the re-emergence of Evgeni Malkin who had his best game of the series. I think Washington has a better team than Pittsburgh, but if Malkin is operating the way he can, it makes it tough for the Caps to control both him and Sid. Meanwhile in Raleigh, Jussi Jokinen scored his 3rd big --OK, his 3rd Oprah goal of these playoffs as his O-T marker gives the Canes a 3-2 win and a 2-1 series lead over Boston in a matchup I have really enjoyed.
I'm not the biggest Bob McKenzie fan, but I can't really say it any better than he has in his latest column for TSN which is Balsillie vs Bettman 3. For what its worth, I agree with the opening four lines of this story about 1-thousand percent. I'm with you Bob!!!! Here's that column....
The Humboldt Broncos are one step closer to defending their RBC Cup Championship. The SJHL champs beating the Kingston Voyageurs 5-2 Wednesday night. Humboldt is now 2-1 and will finish round-robin play against Summerside tomorrow.
I don't know what the odds were but if you went to Vegas and plunked 20 bucks down saying the Blue Jays would be the first team in the majors to win 20 games, I'm thinking you would have a nice little bankroll in your backpocket. The Jays hammered the Angels 13-1 for that 2oth win.
Anyone watch the Lakers-Rockets game last night??? Those two teams don't like one another very much as the five technical fouls and two ejections will tell you. With the best of seven tied at one it makes for a couple of NBA games that I might have to watch this weekend. I'd love to see Houston win just for the fact that I can't stand Kobe Bryant. I've stated it before but he is number one on my list of most despised athletes. I may have to give you that list sometime over the next couple of days.
If you're a Megan Fox fan, consider this as my gift to you, and yes you are welcome.

The tune isn't bad either. It belongs to Chris Cornell. Its called "Climbing Up The Walls".
Has Brett Favre signed with the Vikings yet??? Will this prompt John Madden to return---at least for one Vikings game. By the way, the first game of the year between the Packers and Vikings is a Monday nighter at the Metrodome. The Vikings also have another Monday night appearance(at Chicago) and a scheduled Sunday night game in Carolina however that game could be moved because of the NFL's flex scheduling at the end of the year.
One last item. If you check out the blog list to the right of this, you will see two additions. One is the website for "The Pipeline Show" which is a junior hockey magazine that can be heard on the "Team 1260" in Edmonton. If you are a junior hockey fan, you have to check their site out. The second addition is the blog of Global Regina's Derek (Just Call Me Duke) Meyers.


Anonymous said...

Since you are talking Vegas this morning, here's a betting line for you. Who returns first???

Brett Favre or Curtis Hunt

Terry C

Weaver said...

The Jays play this year has brought nme back to the tv to watch after years of not caring about baseball. Hope they can continue to put in solid showings.

Cito Gaston has to be early favorite for Manager of the Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Megan Fox link. Thank you, thank you and again thank you!!!!