Saturday, May 23, 2009

UFC 98 Preview

I won't even try to baffle you with BS when it comes to UFC. I enjoy watching it, but my knowledge of the sport is far down the ladder compared to my knowledge of the NFL, CFL, NHL..etc. etc. I was swayed by former co-worker Cory Kolt and the man who refers to himself as "Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger" Tyler McMurchy--Tyler is a guy who is proud to say and he is likely right when he says he is the only person to have worked for both John Gormley and Lorne Calvert. You can see his blog by checking out the link to it I have on mine. I digress.

I will join Tyler and his merry band of neanderthals as he calls them at his home tonight for the pay-per-view. They are much more into this than I am, but I will give you a rundown as to what could happen inside the octagon tonight. First off, its my guess Mike Goldberg will be wearing black. I think even a novice UFC fan like myself can pick up on that. I can also assume Joe Rogan will have bags under his eyes after another night of partying on the strip that didn't see him get home until the sun came up.

When it comes to the card, it should be pretty good. The main event has light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans taking on Lyoto Machida. Machida is one tough s-o-b in what I have seen. He also likes to drink his own urine so he's a little off-center. He's 14-0 and I say he will be 15-0 at night's end after a very tough battle that will likely go all 5 rounds.

A battle of Matt's--Serra vs Hughes. This again should be a very intense affair. I will take Serra in what could be the match of the night. These two guys really don't like one another so it should be fun.

That's two of what is an 11 fight card. There is no way we will see everything tonight is there?? I doubt it. All in all, it stands for a good Saturday night in which I can only hope someone gets hit as hard as Marty Havlat did last night. If it happens, the hittee won't get a 5 minute interference penalty!!!!!

Go Canes, Go Nuggets!!!

It would appear as if my good buddy Rob Vanstone is squarely putting the blame on the Pats woes of recent seasons on the shoulders of Brent Parker. Read on!!!


Anonymous said...

I just put this on RP's blog and now I'm putting it on yours. I don't disagree with what Rob is saying but I think Russ is more of a problem than Brent. Surely he must see what is happening yet he won't make the move that many Pats fans would like to see. I have nothing against Brent, but he doesn't compare to guys like Molleken, Kisio, McCrimmon etc. etc and whenever a good guy is available, he won't come here because the position is taken.
The only problem I have with Rob's column is guys like Duval, Bernhardt and Ross were all traded again before flourishing. There must be a reason for that!

PS: Cory Kolt is gawd-awful. He may be a friend of yours, but I have stopped listening to CJME after Gormley is done because its all downhill after 1230. Put Alec Docking back in there!!! For that matter, can't you go back and make the sports show somewhat tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Evans hammers the you know what out of Machida.
Why the Pittsburgh hate?? Do you hate the Pirates too??
Cory Kolt is much better than what Murray Wood ever was. I would extend his show so we don't have to hear Charles Adler. Now he is gawd-awful!!!


Anonymous said...

Machida is the best all-around MMA guy. He's better than Silva, he's better than GSP. He takes Evans out in Rd 2.

Tyler said...

Anonymous knows his shit.

Oh, and Mitch, you may say that the title of "Saskatchewan's Sexiest Blogger" is a self-proclaimed one, but nobody's disputed it yet.