Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stories That Bother Me

There are two stories happening in the news right now that really, really bother me. Maybe I should say REALLY REALLY bother me. The first is a story that fell into the lap of my former employers---a story that they are doing a helluva job on.
Its the story of Megan Howse. Megan is a 25 year old woman who lives in north central Regina. On the weekend, she was sleeping in her home when she started to hear her dogs bark. It was because someone was breaking into her home. Megan screamed, but it didn't deter the thieves who tried to enter her bedroom. Only what she describes as a "rush of adrenalin" is what kept these low-life dirtbags from entering her room and doing god knows what.
Megan is now afraid to live in her home and can you really blame her? What makes this matter worse is the person who was arrested at the scene was not charged with a home invasion. Can someone with a background on justice tell me how that can be??? The person charged has also been set free until another court appearance next week. ?????? How can a judge do this! For all we know, this guy has terrorized someone else along with his buddies who remain at large. Someone really needs to explain why this guy isn't a gold card member at the Crowbar Hotel for a while. Mayor Fiacco telling Sarah Mills today that he has a lot of questions on this matter---questions that I think every Reginan and every Canadian should have.
I wonder what would have happened if Megan had a weapon with her---like a large butcher knife or a shotgun--and she stabbed this clown or shot him. Would Megan be facing a murder charge. Sadly, the answer is probably yes. If this doesn't prove our justice system is a joke then maybe this does.

From Canada. com

The public may never learn whether a man who decapitated a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus en route to Winnipeg last summer is hospitalized or released.
Manitoba's criminal code review board meets Monday to decide whether Vince Li, who was found not criminally responsible for killing Tim McLean last July, should now be institutionalized or given a conditional or absolute discharge.
"Our current practice has been to treat the decisions as being private and only available to the parties involved and to the treatment team," said John Stefaniuk, the chairman of the review board.
"However, we are aware that information in other jurisdictions is readily made available, particularly in Ontario and British Columbia."

Released?? Released!!!!! Are you f***in kidding me??!!! If this guy is given a conditional or an absolute discharge, it will be one of the biggest abominations of all time. A guy --whacked out or not--can just pull out a knife, behead some individual that he only just met, proceed to cannibalize this individual and be walking on the street a while later. I don't think anyone on that bus would have minded seeing an RCMP officer throw some lead into Mr. Li on that nightmarish night. I know it wouldn't have bothered me. Mr. Li shouldn't be allowed near anyone for the rest of his life, much less be set free to walk the streets again.

There are things in this world that I just shake my head at. I can't believe some of the idiocy that takes place on a daily basis and this is two more examples of it.

I'll get back to blogging on some sports matters now.

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Anonymous said...

This is because we have Liberal governments who appoint judges. This is why all the upheaval about Barrack Obaman's Supreme Court nominee. The issue is are you going to interpret law or are you going to legislate law. Our legal branch of government legislates from the bench. All judicial nominees are an extension of the Federal Liberal Party or Provincial NDP Party. You can look at those parties objectively to find out their stances on crime. That will in turn tell you what Judges will be appointed.

I'm objective, and I'll say this. The pendulum will swing back the other way in terms of victim's rights. Until that happens we are left with a "legal" system, and not a "justice" system. Please understand there is a difference between those definitions.