Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Surprise, Surprise!!!

The Leader-Post's Greg Harder is all over the Dale Derkatch story and who his replacement as head coach of the Regina Pats will be. No surprise that Harder first went sniffing around in the direction of Curtis Hunt and no surprise as to what he was told....


Anonymous said...

You are so right Mitch you are my favorite media are the oly one that asks the hard questions, I don't see harder asking the questions like did your scouting staff give Dale a chance, You say you have talent minus eberle who do u have and you have had expierenced coaches they could not do it eithier and the next coach are you going to go on ice with them and go in the dressing room???

Harder sucks up to these guys and never asks the questions.

Anonymous said...

Curtis Hunt will be back with the Pats before June 1.
You nailed this one Mitch.


Mitchell Blair said...

To anon 1

Thanks for the compliment(I think) but I will disagree with you on your thoughts about Greg. He doesn't suck up to anyone and he does ask the questions. He gets a lot of scoops and he works hard to get them.


Anonymous said...

I would welcome Hunt back and would applaud Brent if he did this. Curtis brings a winning attitude with him. He did coach this team to a division championship in 2008 and had it not been for Rowat shitting the bed they might have gone further. Having Eberle, Weal, Mitchell, Leffler, Teubert, Delahey and Ketlo is a nice group to work with and he is familiar with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Coaching isn't the problem. The problem is Brent Parker. Compare what he has done over the past 14 years to what Moose Jaw has done. The Warriors have done better with a guy who had very little hockey experience when he took over as GM. Why are there so many out there that can't see this??? Then again I cheer for the Warriors being a Moose Jaw resident so Brent you just keep doing what you're doing.

Tony T