Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Coach in Oilerville Is.....

Pat Quinn is taking over from Craig McTavish. Tom Renney will serve as an assistant. Thumbs up from this blogger. Discuss Oiler fans!!


Anonymous said...

It's a good hire, and exactly what they need. Pat Quinn erased the myth he can't coach young players with the WJC. Eberle raved about him.

This hire also proves hockey is a who you know business. I'm a Leafs' fan, and he tired vigoursly to get Tambellini into the GM chair when he was at war with Dryden/Smith. It's a good stable front office now in Edmonton, and they will do well. Edmonton is my second favourite team.


Anonymous said...


This is fantastic news for the Copper and Blue. Both coaches have a great track record and have had success. This will be an interesting combination that I believe will work.


Anonymous said...

Getting Pat Quinn is great. He will be outstanding with that young talent. Getting Tom Renney is a bonus. I was hoping for one of the two, but landing both is tremendous. GO OILERS GO!!


Anonymous said...

As an Oiler fan, this is great. I have been advocating Pat Quinn for quite a while. As a Pats fan. this is bad. I think Jordan has a great shot at sticking with the team next year as Quinn knows what he can do.


Anonymous said...

Eberle isn't going anywhere next year Paul. He'll get 50 in a Pats uniform and help Canaada to another gold at the World Jrs