Friday, May 29, 2009

Goodbye Jay. I Won't Miss You/ Rider TC Times

When the last Tonight Show with Johnny Carson aired, it was must-watch TV. An icon like Carson was saying goodbye. I remember watching the last week of Johnny's shows and then watching the last show. It was TV history. I guess TV history will be made tonight when Jay Leno signs off as host of the Tonight Show for the last time, but I won't be watching.
I've never been a Leno fan. I'm more of a Letterman guy. I appreciate Dave's humour more, and I have said to myself if I ever go to New York City that I must go see one of his shows. I have never said if I were to go to L-A that I would want to see one of Leno's shows.
At one time I used to watch Letterman religiously to see things like viewer mail, stupid pet tricks or what some of his friends were up to. However, I admit over the past few years I have watched less and less. Part of it is because he comes on from 930-1030 here and there are other things to either watch or be doing at that time and by the time he comes on the Seattle stations, I am deep into the land of Z's. I will though go online quite a bit to catch his top 10 lists.
So while Leno drifts away---albeit temporarily as he will return in an earlier time slot, it bothers me none. I'm not the biggest Conan O'Brien fan, but I may tune in from time to time. I certainly haven't and won't be watching Jimmy Fallon though. He just irritates me.
As for Letterman, here's hoping he continues doing what he's been doing for many more years and know that on the night he calls it quits that I will be watching because that will be a moment in TV history.

This blogger is unplugging for 24 hours. I am off to Moosomin to watch my daughter play ball Saturday so there will be no Friday evening lookback, but there will be a full recap of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals on Sunday. I'm not travelling in my own car to Moosomin meaning I will be without the good old XM Radio. It means I will be frantically pushing the buttons on the radio trying to find the game. I think I'll be out of luck. I guess that's why you have a PVR.

As I leave you, I do so with the 41 man roster that Hockey Canada has given out for the summer junior camp that will happen in Saskatoon in August. Take a look.....

Have a great weekend!!! Rider fans, its your last weekend without football. Yes, rookie camp begins next week and main camp starts one week from Sunday. In fact, here's the sked for the first week.....
WEDNESDAY JUNE 3rd 2:15 pm Rookie practice
THURSDAY JUNE 4th 9:30 am Rookie practice
FRIDAY JUNE 5th 9:30 am Rookie practice
SUNDAY JUNE 7th 8:15 am 1st practice
10:45 am 2nd practice
MONDAY JUNE 8th 8:15 am 1st practice
10:45 am 2nd practice
TUESDAY JUNE 9th 8:15 am 1st practice
10:45 am 2nd practice

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