Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pens-Wings Pt 2

(picture courtesy Detroit News)

Darren Helm's overtime marker has sent the Detroit Red Wings back to the Stanley Cup final. The Wings beating Chicago 2-1 to win the Western Conference in five games. They will play the team they beat to win the coveted mug last year--the Pittsburgh Penguins beginning Saturday night at the Joe Louis Arena. In fact, here is the entire sked......

Saturday May 30 at Detroit 6pm Saskatchewan time
Sunday May 31 at Detroit TBA
Tuesday June 2 at Pittsburgh 6 pm
Thursday June 4 at Pittsburgh 6 pm
*Saturday June 6 at Detroit 6 pm
*Tuesday June 9 at Pittsburgh 6 pm
*Friday June 12 at Detroit 6 pm

A Game 7 on a Friday night. NICE!! (dripping with sarcasm)
Great news for Western Hockey League fans. The league and SHAW Communications are extending their agreement through the 2013-2014 season. At least 30 games plus playoffs will be shown across Western Canada. The agreement between the two paid off big-time this past season as over three million people took in the 56 games that were shown. I don't like the fact that not all teams come to Regina to play so at least we can see them and the league's top players through this initiative.
I didn't think open wheel auto racing was still relevant on the sports calendar of many---especially in Canada. I guess I was wrong if this past weekend was any indication. Word today that Sunday's Indianapolis 500 was witnessed by 252-thousand people in Canada. The Memorial Cup final between Windsor and Kelowna was watched by only 234-thousand. I thought the junior hockey final would be a far more attractive watch for Canadians than the run around the Brickyard. I am wrong. Somewhere, 650 CKOM's voice---the one and only David Kirton smiles and says "I told you so Blair!!" David's a huge NASCAR fan as is CKRM's Rider guy--Joe Hadesbeck. They both know I have no time for the sport they worship. I don't know if they feel the same way about open wheel racing but they have some fodder against me now. DAMN!!
I said I was going to watch the Champions League final. I did--sort of. I was clicking channels between that, the Jays game and the Cubs game along with interviewing Riders coach Ken Miller for a story you will soon see on It was an entertaining game with Barcelona beating Manchester United 2-1, but again, if its not an international game of meaning like a World Cup or a European Championship, I just can't watch it the same way. I don't know why!!! Sorry to the Portuguese Sensation for letting you down.
I should have watched more soccer and less baseball---at least as far as the Jays were concerned. Holy crap did they blow one!!! The bullpen, or should I say Jesse Carlson let one get away. The man with the Jason Maas like ears allowed five runs in a third of an inning as Baltimore erased an 8-3 deficit to tie the game--they probably would have won it had it not been for Alex Rios throwing out Adam Jones at the plate with the potential game winning run. After Aaron Hill hit a two run shot to give Toronto the lead in the 11th, Brian Wolfe and B-J Ryan combined to soil the linen by allowing four runs in the bottom of the inning as Baltimore wins 12-10 making it nine straight losses by Toronto. So much for that great start.
As mentioned, I had a great conversation with Riders coach Ken Miller on Wednesday. You will see a story soon on about his thoughts going into the 2009 season. Lets put it this way. Miller is extremely confident. He says he has told his assistant coaches that they will have the individuals in their locker room that can become a team and do what is necessary to win the Grey Cup. He is also very confident that the defence will be fine despite losing five starters and that Darian Durant can succeed as the starting QB and become an established CFL starter. I tend to agree with Kenny on those statements.
I have had people ask me how they see the West shaking out this year. You would have to say Calgary still has the best team on paper and should be the team that finishes first. You know the Stamps would love nothing more than to play in their own stadium on Grey Cup Sunday and repeat at home but will their cockiness hurt them---especially when they suffer their first slide of the season. Edmonton will be better while BC won't be as strong. That leaves a Rider team that won 12 games with a patchwork lineup last year. If they stay healthy and if that defence can flourish under Gary Etcheverry, I see no reason why they can't be hosting a playoff game this year. Time will tell though and we all know there will be many potholes in the road to navigate over before all is said and done.
I thought the Denver Nuggets were in control of Game 5 of the NBA West final with the Lakers as the two teams were tied going into the 4th quarter with Denver looking like the better team---until the final 12 minutes. The Lakers win meaning they can wrap the series up in Denver on Friday. Here's hoping it goes seven. I have actually made a point to watch a lot of this matchup because it has been such a good series.
An Olympic oracle says Canada will do very well as the host nation of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Luciano Barra says Canadian athletes will win 29 medals in Vancouver---six of those medals being gold. The 29 medals will be the most of any country according to Barra whose count is based on how country's perform at the various world championships. The former director general of the Italian Olympic Committee tracks the world results and adjusts them throughout the winter.
Archie Andrews has finally made up his mind. The world's oldest teenager--and perhaps the dumbest one too--seeing he is still attending Riversdale High along with Reggie, Jughead and the rest of the gang has finally decided. Is he going for the girl next door Betty Cooper or the rich bitch Veronica Lodge. Its something he has debated for years and after all this time, he has chosen................Veronica. Yes, Issue # 600 will feature the freckle-faced high-school klutz on bended knee with a ring in his hand. Veronica screams out "Yes!" while Betty stands in the background wiping away a tear. Its about damn time Archie!! Will Issue #601 be Archie's Bachelor Party!!!!
If I was on an airplane and that stuffy, pompous piece of crap that is hawking Avion for the Royal Bank sat down beside me, I think I would ask when the next flight is. I'm not sure, but I think that guy is Budd Light's dad!!!!

Never say I'm not one to help you with informational videos.

One final question as you start your day or continue it depending on when you read this. Is Pamela Anderson still hot?????
Stay thirsty my friends and thanks for checking in!!!


Anonymous said...

You are dreaming if you think the Riders finish 2nd in the West. An unproven quarterback, an aging offensive line, a defensive line that can't get pressure on the QB, two all-star linebackers that are playing elsewhere and wanting to start a Canadian at one corner spot. They might be the worst team in the league this year!!!!

Anonymous said...

This means another many years of watching many Calgary Hitmen and Vancouver Giants games. Seriously though, it is good news for the WHL that its games can be shown across Western Canada. Hope it doesn't impact the games you do on Access because you and Remple do a great job.


Anonymous said...

Is Pam Anderson still hot??!!! Cmon Mitch. You can't go dissing a "good" Canadian girl like that and when I say "good", I mean oh so bad. I love her and will continue to love her always. Go watch VIP and tell me you wouldn't want 10 minutes with her.


Anonymous said...

I think the end of the open-wheel split last year is starting to show signs of paying off. While I'm more of a road and street course fan than an oval fan, at least now you're getting all of the best North American open wheel racers able to compete at Indy again. This great race suffered for over a decade as the result of Tony George's foolishness, but it may be on it's way back. Add to that the fact that there were two Canadians in the field (Who both performed superbly, BTW) and also the fact that F1 has turned it's back on Canadian Fans, this year's Indy 500 might be the only race the year of any interest to Canadian open wheel fans like myself. I'll likely tune into the TO and EDM Indy races, but overall the IRL has a lot of work to do to get back to where it should be. (If someone gave Alex Tagliani a full time ride that would help)


Portuguese Sensation said...

1. You know, I didn't even get a chance to watch much of the Champions League Final because of work :( but I heard it was less than stellar. Sorry Mitch... but hey, World Cup is a year away :).

2. Love the WHL on Shaw deal but it sucks on the odd night when a game is televised on a Monday or Tuesday Night (my days off) - I have Bell so dont have access to the games.

On a side note, this is the final year of the CIS / Canada West on Shaw deal so hopefully they extend it as well!

3. Poor Betty

4. I watched the Indy 500 - open wheel racing is much better than NASCAR, though I'm excited to see NASCAR Canada in Saskatoon in July.

5. Game 7 on a Friday Night may not be the best idea, but at least there won't be nine days in between the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous poster on this thread. You just keep thinking that about the Riders. Everyone said they would be crap last year and look what happened. Durant is no Ray or Burris, but he still throws for 3000 yards and 25 TD's and our defence will be fine. Admittedly, I worry about the secondary and plans for a Canadian corner, but I think they are good enough to finish in a playoff spot and they certainly WONT be the worst team in the league. That's laughable.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

This Rider fan believes the team will make the playoffs, but they will finish 3rd behind Calgary and BC. I can't see any more than 9 wins on the year. I would love to see another 12 win season but I don't think the talent is there.


Anonymous said...

Archie is making a mistake. Betty is a much better choice!!! Then again, I preferred Mary Ann over Ginger and Lacey over Karen.