Friday, May 1, 2009

A Perfect Playoff Run Comes To An End

The Calgary Hitmen will not go through the WHL playoffs undefeated. The Kelowna Rockets surprising the Hitmen 3-1 in Game 1 of the Ed Chynoweth Cup. Tyler Myers had the winner midway through the 3rd. To some, Myers should have missed the game after running former Pat Craig Schira from behind in the series-clinching win over Vancouver leaving Schira with a nasty cut. The league looked the other way though with many believing the sole reason was Myers is arguably Kelowna's top player and not having him in the opener because of suspension would water down the finals. Argue that all you want. Game 2 is tomorrow. I was hoping to watch the game live on Access and was disappointed to find out it was on tape delay because Access was showing the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic. Not being a big boxing fan, it would not have killed me to have had the boxing on tape delay with the hockey game being live but I understand what Access is doing. At least it wasn't being delayed because of Polkarama or something.
Nine days off didn't have any effect on the Boston Bruins. They beat Carolina 4-1 to start off their Eastern Conference semi-final. The West semi between Detroit and Anaheim sees the Wings take the opener 3-2 with the winner coming from Nick Lidstrom late in the 3rd. Of course all the buzz in the NHL right now is the Capitals-Penguins series. Ovechkin, Green, Semin and company start their highly anticipated 2nd round matchup against Malkin, Crosby, Gonchar and crew this afternoon. You know NBC will make a big deal of this but you also know they hope the game doesn't go into overtime. If it should go past one overtime, the network will leave the game for the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing will overtake hockey as was the case last year. Gary Bettman will be praying for this one to end in regulation. While Americans will have to go to Versus to see the end of the game if it should be a marathon matchup, Canadians will be able to watch Hockey Night in Canada. I'll watch Emrick, Olczyk and McGuire. I don't mind the way NBC brings the game to us.
As you know the CFL draft goes today. Hamilton has the number one pick as it stands right now. With the Riders making a trade with the Ti-Cats it means they now have the number 9 and 17 pick. Can they get a solid defensive back and a solid linebacker with those two picks??? We will see. Even though you can never have enough Canadian offensive linemen. I think the Riders do have enough in their stable right now and that they should concentrate on other areas. I think the Yannick Carter trade yesterday means they will replace one Canadian linebacker with another today. There are three highly rated guys in that position---James Yurichuk, Mike Cornell and Tristan Black. Head coach Ken Miller has said he would like to have a Canadian at the corner in 2009. If that is the case, you might want to look the way of Tang Bacheyie from Kansas. I'm wondering if the Riders will find some way to get another pick or two out of today's proceedings. I'm sure the phones have been and will be working at Mosaic Stadium until its time for Hamilton to make its first choice.
Another win for the Blue Jays. They beat Baltimore 8-4 at Skydome with Roy Halladay getting his 5th win of the year. I think its safe to say that the Blue Jays have been the big story of the opening month and that 2nd baseman Aaron Hill has been one of the best players in the majors if not the best in April. I don't think many thought the Jays would lead the American League in wins with Hill having the most hits in the majors at 41. As good as Toronto has been, I wonder if anyone in Canada has been paying attention because of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I'm guessing not many have sat down and watched how good this team was in April. Too bad!! Other teams that have to be considered surprises in April would have to be Seattle and Kansas City in the American League and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in the National League. There is still a loooooong ways to go though before anyone can start thinking pennant. A loooooooong way!!
I'm not excited over word that Jaromir Jagr might want to continue his NHL career in Edmonton. 10 years ago I would have been giddy but now....MEH!!
I think I will have to watch Game 7 of the Chicago Bulls-Boston Celtics playoff series. Those who subscribe to the "Association" say it is the most exciting basketball they have seen in the last decade and that the rest of the playoffs will be a downer compared to this series. It has been a dandy as I have watched a few moments of a couple of games.
Going to bed just after 11 on a Friday night. I've gotten old!!! What has become of me!!! Have a good weekend. I'll be updating the CFL draft later today and I will have a draft story that you can see on and here with the thoughts of Coach Miller before the day is over.


Mike from Vita said...

Great pick Riders, choosing Tamon George. Nothing better than a hometown product! You know he won't need to be motivated when he puts on the jersey!!

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is wrong with Polkarama???!!!