Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saskatchewan's Top Golf Holes

We all know Saskatchewan has many great courses and many challenging holes. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix is looking for your input as to what holes in the province are the nastiest ones and what ones are the prettiest ones. Here's the story....

I don't even know where you start when you start talking about what holes in Saskatchewan are the toughest and what ones are the prettiest. There are so many great courses out there and ninety percent of them have at least one very challenging hole. Whether it be a short par 3 or a long par 5, each course has a signature hole. I will be very interested to see what the final results are. Feel free to list your choice in the comments section.
I wonder if Marian Hossa knew his comments would come back to bite him when he signed with the Detroit Red Wings as a free agent. After leaving the Penguins to sign with the Wings, Hossa stated "I felt like I would have a better chance to win the Cup with Detroit." We will see if he is right. The Penguins are certainly using that statement as they get ready for the series which as you know starts Saturday night. As good as what Pittsburgh has been in these playoffs, I still can't see them beating Detroit. I just think from top to bottom Detroit is too good. I think Osgood can outperform Fleury and I think Lidstrom and Kronwall along with the muckers and grinders like Maltby and Helm can slow down Crosby and Malkin. Yes, Pittsburgh has revenge on their mind, but Detroit is thinking dynasty. Its never easy to repeat and if Detroit does, it will be a major accomplishment. An accomplishment that should secure Mike Babcock as the coach of Team Canada at the Vancouver Olympics.
By the way, this is the first time since 1984 that the same two teams have played in the Cup final. That year was the Oilers beating the Islanders after New York had beaten the young Oilers the year before. Many believe the same scenario will play itself out this year with the Penguins having learned their lesson last year.
Its starting to look more and more as if Regina will get a new stadium of some kind. Premier Brad Wall saying Thursday leaving Mosaic Stadium in its existing state isn't an attractive option. The full story comes from The Leader-Post....
Lebron James is by far and away the best player in the NBA, and he might be the best player in all of sports at this moment. The Cleveland Cavalier forward had one of his best ever performances last night as his team stayed alive in the playoffs as they beat Orlando to force a Game 6. James had 37 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists in a 10 point win over the Magic. In the 4th quarter alone, he had something to do with the first 29 points the team scored. If Orlando does win this series, you can't blame James.
That's all for now. Are we really less than a week from Rider rookie camp???


Anonymous said...

Picking the 18 toughest holes in Saskatchewan will be no easy feat. I'll have to make sure I pick up that edition of the SP.

Not only are we less than a week from rookie camp, we are just a month away from the new season starting. YAYYYYYY!!!


Anonymous said...

#12 at Deer Valley is one of the nastiest in my opinion. Uphill, long par 5, small landing area, blind shot to the green ... ugh, not my favorite.


Mitchell Blair said...

Agreed dv!!!