Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is Steve Stamkos An Olympian??

Many are looking at what Tampa Bay Lightning center Steven Stamkos is doing at the World Hockey Championships and asking if that could translate into a position on the Canadian Olympic team when they hit the ice in Vancouver. The number one overall draft pick this season did not disappoint after having a slow start to the season. He had 23 goals and 23 assists in his first pro season with Tampa and he currently leads Canada in goals at the Worlds with 6.

While Stamkos is a good player and is one of the young guns that will be one of the faces for the league for the next few years, is he really ready to be an Olympian right now??

We all know the Canadian roster at the Worlds is made up of guys who didn't make the Stanley Cup playoffs or whose teams made early exits. You know Ryan Getzlaf and Sidney Crosby will be two of the centers on that team and Stamkos' injured teammate Vincent Lecavalier will likely also find his way on the roster. I think there are many others right now who have a better shot at being on the Olympic team than Stamkos. I think Stamkos could help lead Canada at the 2014 games but right now may be a little premature.

Agree or disagree????

By the way, I might have to make a road trip to Winnipeg in September. Word is today the Lightning and the Oilers will play a pre-season game at MTS Centre September 24. I know the Coyotes have played several exhibition games in Winnipeg for reasons that I think we know are clear but has Vancouver--the parent team of the Manitoba Moose--ever had an exhibition game in Winnipeg. If not, why???


Anonymous said...

not even close...the world championships are a second tier tourney. Guys like Heatley and Spezza thrive there because of the lack of intensity and the relaxed defensive zone. Stamkos' is rising to the occasion because he is skilled and he is a competitor. He will be an Olympian in the future - but he isn't even close right now.


Anonymous said...

If Stamkos were to play in Vancouver I would be awfully surprised. He is good but he's not in the elite level yet. Even if I had choice between Sakic and Stamkos I would go with Sakic. No doubt though he should be the go-to guy or one of them in '14.

Hawker said...

The Canucks have been in Winnipeg at least once for an exhibition 2003.
One thing that is kinda funny...this will actually be a Lightning 'home' exhibition game...same as the Flames/Panther game last year is Saskatoon was a Panther 'home game'.

Anonymous said...

I'd put Eric Staal, and Mike Richards ahead of Stamkos. Joe Thornton and Jeff Carter also get consideration.