Friday, May 8, 2009

The Red Sox Nation--A Crafty Bunch

Fans of the Boston Red Sox are being accused of stuffing the ballot box when it comes to who starts at the All-Star game. However, they are not voting in their own players. Word is Red Sox fans are trying to get as many Washington Nationals(the team with the worst record in the majors) into the starting lineup. One player in particular, outfielder Lastings Milledge, is currently playing in the minors.

The rationale behind this move. A) The winning league gets homefield advantage in the World Series so Boston fans being cocky this early in the season believe that would get the Red Sox a crucial Game 7 if needed and the first two games at home B)It would embarass baseball especially if Milledge got in.

If pro sports wants fans to vote who they want into the game, this is what will happen. It almost happened with Rory Fitzpatrick at the NHL all-star game a few years ago. There's nothing saying you can't do it, so go right ahead.

Just another thing for Bud Selig to worry about!!

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