Sunday, August 12, 2012

Argos Release Cory Boyd

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club announced today that import RB Cory Boyd has been released by the team.

Commented Argonauts General Manager Jim Barker, “I would like to thank Cory for his many contributions to our club over the past few years. Releasing a player mid-season is never an easy thing to do and this decision was not made overnight. We have worked diligently to improve our football team during the past several months, and everything we have done has been with two goals in mind – competing for the Grey Cup and the long term, on-field success of this franchise – and this decision is no different. After evaluating our entire football team through the first third of the season, we felt this was one of the changes necessary to move our team forward. We believe a different style of play is needed at running back to heighten the success of our new offence and, considering the personnel we already have on our team, this move will help to improve the overall play of our offence and lead us to greater on-field success.”

Boyd joined the Argonauts in 2010 and played in 36 games over more than two seasons. He carried the ball 495 times for 2,947 yards and 14 touchdowns, and caught 83 passes for 551 yards and 4 touchdowns. He was named a CFL All-Star in his rookie season.


Anonymous said...

One of the strangest moves I've seen in a long time. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Barker thinking? Oh wait, its Barker! A Boyd-Sheets 1-2 punch would be pretty nice. Can't see it happening though.

Anonymous said...

Is Boyd sleeping with Ray's wife or something? What a bizarre move!


Anonymous said...

Read ex Argo teammate Rob Murphy's twitter feed today (Sunday). He said Boyd was a fraud and fooled the media. He also said that he was a bad teammate. Guess that says it all.

Superfun Happy Slide said...

To be honest, I kind of had the feeling that there has been a problem with Boyd. His efforts in the last game seemed to reveal a level of disinterest that has not been a part of his usual passionate effort. I think he's just one of those backs that has to be 'the show.' With Ray in the Argo's backfield this season, Boyd was always going to have to play a supporting role. Cory's inability to be a productive relief value in the flat was probably the final straw; Ray needs people to distribute to and Boyd just hadn't seemed quick enough, a'la Montreal's Coburn or the Rider's Sheets. Sadly, last week's poor effort was against the defending champs and an extremely strong defence. Argo fans just hope that Barker took the Lion's performance into consideration before letting the kid go. Oh well, next up!