Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rage Lose Their Opener

They may be called Angels, but B.C.'s lingerie football team played like demons on Saturday night, dominating on both sides of the ball on the way to a 41-18 thumping of the Regina Rage.

Between 2,000 and 2,500 fans attended the inaugural game of the Canadian Lingerie Football League. The crowd was small, but it was lively, cheering, standing and even doing the wave as the hard-hitting action unfolded.

Fans appeared to enjoy the competitive nature of the game, which caught some spectators by surprise.
"I was expecting some sloppy, soft hitting stuff. But, you know, these girls actually hit pretty hard so good on them. They're athletes. I'll come again," said Matt Baillet, an Abbotsford resident.
He said he'd bring his fiance to the next game.

The Angels were led by runningback Stephanie Manou who scored three touchdowns in the game.
"I was going for four, so I was a little disappointed," she said after the match.

Abbotsford's Darnelle Bernemann only appeared for a few plays at the end of the game.
However, despite limited action, she did have an impact.
"Even just for the last couple of plays, it kind of got a little intense there. I got ejected," she said.

Several altercations broke out on the field between players as the game wore on.
"Just even watching, sitting on the bench with the girls was phenomenal," said Bernemann. "It was intense."

While there has been some controversy surrounding the formation of the league, there were no protesters or altercations in the stands or outside the stadium.

(Courtesy Abbotsford News)

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Interesting news on the Seahawks today who are set to trade Jackson to the Bills. Looks like they have a real find in a new young rookie QB.