Saturday, August 11, 2012

Riders Tripped Up In Edmonton

The Saskatchewan Roughriders made me a liar on Friday night. I repeatedly said this week that I didn't think Steven Jyles could beat the Riders-----I was wrong! The Rider Nation is now left wondering what type of football team this is after a 28-20 loss to the Eskimos---their 3rd straight after starting the season at 3-0.

Just some thoughts after this one....

--Kory Sheets said after the game he wants to be the CFL's best running back. If he isn't there already, he's getting close. What an effort from him as he collected over 200 yards catching and running the football. It was great to see Darian Durant toss him the football a few times and that one play in the 4th quarter was a glimpse of what this guy can do any time he gets his hands on the pigskin,

--The secondary is just not good enough. Is it worth giving Lance Frazier a second chance? Would his experience help or is he done? The answer must be the latter seeing no other team has called looking to add the long-time Rider to their team. It will be up to Brendan Taman and Jeremy O'Day to find some guys at NFL camps, but when you bring those guys in it takes them a while to learn the game.

--I still don't think Odell Willis is healthy.

--There is a thought out there that the coaching staff blew it on the Weston Dressler catch in the endzone that was called incomplete because he wasn't in bounds. I didn't think his toe was inbounds and either did the TSN crew. What did you think?

--There is also a thought process out there that Darian Durant (who threw for 400 yards) needs to be sat down for a series or a quarter if he struggles. Is putting in a raw rookie going to make the offence run better? One caller to the CKRM post game show suggested Durant has an invincible attitude around him because he knows he won't be replaced. If that is the case, get an experienced CFL backup in here and tell J-T O'Sullivan his time is up.

--Give Jyles credit on the touchdown pass to Cary Koch. That was a perfect pass.

--Not to throw the refs under the bus, but how do you miss the hit to the head on Durant on the play where Weston Dressler fumbled. That should have been a 15 yard penalty and no touchdown.

--A friend of mine texted me after the game---have fun this week talking to the players and coaches. Yeah!

(photo courtesy Edmonton Sun)


jeff said...

Riders loss in Edm. was as predictable the sun rising in the east. You can change players and coaches-same result. Maybe 5 wins in 20 years in Edm. Also, Riders mostly lose before AND after the bye, as they just did. After watching this team for 40+ years, I realize this team will never be great-the odd Grey Cup every 20 years with a so-so team. The first 4 games same as the next 4 opponents with opposite outcomes and location, Ham. L,Edm L,BC L, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Even the goofs at Riderfans are questioning Durant, you now know the sky is falling. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Richie Hall, Richie Hall, Richie Hall. This defence is terrible and that's because of Richie Hall. I can only wonder what goes through Etchevery's mind when he watches this defence.


Anonymous said...

Nick Graham, Chris McKenzie and Terrell Maze are just disasters out there. Get some new blood in there. Why isn't Butler on the field more?


Anonymous said...

One other positive besides Sheets is the emergence of Taj Smith. I would like to see him get the ball a little more.

Others will hang this on Durant. I'm not. This is a team that is bad on defence and that is Richie's responsibility. This team won't get better defensively as long as he stays.

Anonymous said...

Dressler drops a pass in Calgary that would have given us a win and he fumbles a ball in this game that turned the contest around. Why doesn't Dressler take any criticism? Are fan favourites immune from that? I love the guy and I think he is our best player, but lets call a spade a spade here.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Brad!

Anonymous said...

Dressler drops a ball because he tries so hard. I can only imagine where we might be if more guys cared that much (memo to Getzlaf).

We had nearly 500 yards of offence in Edmonton yet we lose. If we score 20 they score 28. If we score 38 in Calgary they score 41. If we score 36 they score 37. It's as obvious as the nose on your face what the problem is.

Until we bring in a new DC and some new defensive players, we will be saddled with these tough losses. Our D-line has resumed its mediocre position. Our backs can't cover, hit or tackle. Our defense was our achilles heel last season and it is again. The common denominator is Richie Hall. He simply has to go. Does Chamblin have the stones to make that move? Well I guess these upcoming days will tell.

Our defense is costing us these games. If defense wins Championships then we won't be winning any.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Getzlaf should have stuck to hockey like his brother, who has also been mediocore the past couple seasons, but made over $5.5 million a season for last several years (likely the entire CFL's salary cap). In the NHL, the fans don't seem to complain as much about mediocrity. i.e. Dipietro or Yashin on NYI , ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with what Brad is saying.

Anonymous said...

I've become tired of the Durant bashing. Anything this guy does negatively gets criticized. QB's can't be perfect. Durant is the best QB this team has had since Austin was the QB and we ran him out of town. I guess we expect the same with Darian if the current climate continues.


Anonymous said...

Sunday morning - Toronto Argos have RELEASED RB Cory Boyd ????? WTF ?

Anonymous said...

We need to score in the red zone