Thursday, August 2, 2012

This And That

Is it just me or has it been a slow week around here with the Riders on their bye week? The guys get back onto the field this weekend with a big game against Edmonton right around the corner. The Riders are still better than the Eskimos aren't they?

Have you been to the Queen City Ex yet? The rain certainly is making it tough for organizers, but it should be nice this weekend so hopefully a lot of people turn up at Evraz Place to check out the sights, sounds and smells of the exhibition. I don't know about you, but I love people-watching at the fair. There's all kinds of them and some of them just seemingly come out at this time of year.

Being the wrestling fan that I am, I want to see Stampede Wrestling inside the Brandt Centre. Alas, Mrs. Scruffy wants no part of that so I will have to just walk on by when I hit the midway this weekend. She just doesn't understand culture.

Speaking of wrestling, if you watch WWE and you are a Riders fan, am I wrong when I say Ron (R-Truth) Killings and Odell Willis might be the same person. If Odell comes out with an imaginary Little Jimmy with him that will be the deciding blow.

Are you watching the Olympics? They just don't captivate me the way the winter games do. I did get caught up in the marathon tennis match between Jo-Willy Tsonga and Milos Raonic, but that's about it. I also laugh at how badminton is now in the public eye because of the competitors being kicked out for trying to lose. Did you see the video of that? It was comical. Those teams needed to learn from Mike Keenan as to how throw a game! Some of you may be too young to remember that so if you are, ask your Mom or Dad about the 1980 Memorial Cup when it was in Regina.

CBC has the rights for the next two Olympics. TSN, Sportsnet and CTV have done such a tremendous job in bringing us the games from Vancouver and London so it will be interesting to see how CBC tries to top it. Will someone else get into the mix? I guess we'll find out. It will also be interesting to see if Mr. Olympics (Brian Williams) goes back to CBC. Perhaps Glenn Reid or Adam Hunter will find their way to Sochi or Rio.

There is a story going around about police impounding vehicles if the drivers are caught texting. I am all for that. I had a woman just about rear end my car on Ross Avenue  this week because she wasn't paying attention. I was bracing myself for the crunch when she stopped just in time. If that message is that important, pull over and park the car!

Congratulations to my good friend Rob Vanstone for celebrating his 25 year anniversary at the Leader-Post. In my mind Rob is one of the best sports-writers in this country and his work is undervalued because he is doing it in Regina and not a larger centre. If he was in a bigger market, he would be right up there with the likes of  Steve Simmons, Damien Cox and Terry Jones  If Peter King can write a book chronicling his Monday Morning Quarterbacks, perhaps the rumpled scribe can print a book detailing 25 years of "Robservations".

It was great seeing a good crowd for the Regina Red Sox's playoff opener against Weyburn on Tuesday. You couldn't have asked for a better night either. Gary Brotzel and Bernie Eiswirth are once again seeing their hard work pay off as people are enjoying some great baseball at Currie Field. A few more home dates are in store too so get out there if you can. Sadly, if the team is to win it all again this year they will likely do it on the road unless the series goes the distance. If it goes the distance, could Currie Field have a new attendance record? What is the record?

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Ex!

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Anonymous said...

The Ex is the Ex. You go in, you walk around, you get on the same rides and see the same exhibits and look for some expensive food. That being said, it is one of the better nights of the year and yes, the people watching is something to behold.