Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Taylor Hall Isn't Going Anywhere

Good news for the Edmonton Oilers today. The Oilers have signed forward Taylor Hall to a seven year contract extension worth 42 million (6 mill a season).

Hall was the first pick overall in 2010. Last year, he had 27 goals and 26 assists in 61 games.


Anonymous said...

So if Hall is 6mil what you think Ebs is going to get

Anonymous said...

Eberle will be overpriced at 3Mil

Anonymous said...

Ebs will get a deal very similar to this. I don't think the Oilers want to get into a he's better than him type scenario so I can see a similar contract with perhaps Ebs getting more in bonuses.


Anonymous said...

Ebs overpriced at $3 million? Are you outta your mind ? They paid Hemsky $5.0 million and Gagner $3.2 million per year, so Ebs deserves a LOT more than those two lazy goofs ! Oh and the biggest joke of all on Oilers for salary Horcoff $5.5 million !