Sunday, August 5, 2012

Something To Mitch About

That ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is enough to make my 8 year old daughter happy and enough to poop out Daddy and Mommy too. Yes, this is the haul Annika came home with after a 5 hour session at the Queen City Ex. Surprisingly enough, it wasn' t that expensive to come home with all of this. It helped that all you had to do was win twice on the waterguns game in kiddieland to get the Care Bear, because Annika would have spent all day there to get one if she had to. The rest just came through this game and that game.

It really is something to people-watch at the QCX. Lets just say you see all kinds of people there and I don't know of some of those people own a mirror if you know what I mean. It does make me shake my head and laugh, but whatever. I'm guessing a majority of you know exactly what I am talking about too.

Walking through Evraz Place yesterday, I could only think of one thing. Where is this all going to go when the new stadium is built? I think the exhibition grounds will have a different look to it once the stadium goes in. I also wondered what type of acts the QCX might be able to lure into the new stadium when it opens. Just imagine, free admission on the last night to some huge concert in the new facility. I can't wait! Just as long as its not a Carly Rae Jepsen-Justin Bieber reunion concert. EWWWWWWW!!!

I got home from the Ex and after a quick nap turned on the TV to find the NFL Hall of Fame Game on the NFL Network. Yes, the NFL season has started. I love my CFL, but I LOVE my NFL because I can become a fan and cheer on the Seahawks the way a majority of you do with the Riders. The bottom line is with the NFL starting, the CFL nearing the midway point and NCAA and CIS football right around the corner, FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! The same could be said with junior football as the Prairie Thunder played an exhibition game in Yorkton on the weekend against Winnipeg. I didn't hear the score or see it.

Part of the reason I watched the Hall of Fame game was to see U of R Rams product Akiem Hicks do his thing for the Saints. It wasn't until early in the 3rd quarter that Mike Mayock (who I really like behind the mike) told us he was hurt before giving Regina a plug and pronouncing Saskatchewan right.

The NFL Network has a great ad featuring Eli Manning and DeMarcus Ware as it gets you ready for the first regular-season game of the year. It just makes me ask again why you would never ever see this in the CFL. It baffles me as to how CFL players are basically ignored by corporate Canada and the league itself when it comes to marketing the game. Is it that hard?

The CFL panel on TSN asked the question the other night "Who is the fastest man in the CFL?" Weston Dressler was not in the final four. That's who my vote would go to, but some don't think he is the fastest Rider. It won't happen, but I have money on WD7 if a Rider 100 were to happen. Speaking of which, what Rider would you like to see in an Olympic event?

Scott Schultz is miles better in his CFL analysis than Doug Brown and Matt Dominguez (as blogged earlier) is wayyyyyyyy better than Milt Stegall. Those two should be doing their thing on a national basis, but I'm glad to have the opportunity to share the mike with both of them on CKRM when given the opportunity. You won't find two better in my mind than those guys.

Its not often I get pumped for a womens soccer game, but I'll be in front of the TV later today to see the Canadian women take on the US at the Olympics. I watched a little bit of their quarter-final win over Great Britain a couple of days ago and these women know how to play. Wouldn't you love to see them knock off the Americans and go for gold? I would.  Speaking of which, mark one for the ladies because they are kicking the mens ass when it comes to Canadian performances in London. The soccer team is excelling, the basketball team has exceeded expectations, the divers have won medals, the rowers have won medals. Our guys have some catching up to do. Hopefully the 2nd week will provide that.

Watching Usain Bolt run is incredible, watching Oscar Pretorius run is inspiring.

If the Golden Goal by Sidney Crosby was the Olympic moment of Vancouver for Canadians, the tennis gold by Andy Murray was the Olympic moment of London for the fine people of England. What an emotional moment on the Wimbledon grass!

It still bothers me that baseball and softball aren't being contested at these games, but other "sports" are.

Skee-ball should be an Olympic sport!

The Regina Red Sox will play Moose Jaw tonight at Currie Field in Game 1 of the WMBL East final in a 705 start. Game 2 of the best of 5 will go Tuesday. I can't make it to the game tonight, but I'll be there on Tuessday so have those executive beers chilled Mr. Eiswirth. I know you will.

I wonder what Wayne Gretzky thinks of his daughter? I heard a story about Wayne and Janet the other day from someone who knows a member of the Coyotes. Let's just say it made me shake my head and it made me go poor Wayne.....even the Great One can be bothered by the women in his life. If it can happen to him, it can happen to all of us guys.

Rod Pedersen says his blog will be an NHL lockout-free blog. I may have to 2nd that. How many p-oed people will there be in Regina and southern Saskatchewan if the exhibition game between the Oilers and Islanders at Brandt Centre is cancelled. Never mind, I know the answer to that.

How many celebs do you follow on Twitter? I follow a few, but perhaps none better than Hugh Hefner.

Was Howard Wolowitz part of the Mars Landing crew last night?

If you were at the Ex this year or in the past, you have seen the Mitchs Monster Dogs concessions all over the midway. I really want one of their golf shirts. Three reasons as to why!

If its a holiday for you today, enjoy it. Its going to be a great day!


Anonymous said...

Some of those dilapidated old buildings will fall victim to the wrecking ball, but it will be interesting to see just how much area the new stadium takes up and how it affects the floor plan of the exhibition as it stands today. We need to see a drawing of the park first to figure that out.


Anonymous said...

Did you try bacon on a stick?! It was artery-hardening good.

Unknown said...

Hey Mitch, Akiem did play in the 4th for a couple of series. Looked good, good push. Only practiced one day last week. Looks BIG.
Chad H

Anonymous said...

I think Kory Sheets might be faster than Dressler.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Terrell Owens will make the final roster for the 2012 edition of the Seahawks.