Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lapolice Fired In Winnipeg

Shocker in Winnipeg. The Bombers have fired Paul Lapolice and replaced him with defensive co-ordinator Tim Burke. Winnipg is 2-6 after last nites loss to BC


Anonymous said...

The Bomber players lost themselves that game last night with undiscipline penalties not Lapolice but than again the coach is responsible they say. We will take Lapolice here to replace Dyce's horrible play calling.

Anonymous said...

We never should have let Lapo go. I hope he comes back here next year as an O.C to replace the bad one we have now.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Speechless. Lapo is a good guy and he doesn't deserve this. The Bombers are quickly becoming coach killers. Berry, Kelly and now Paul. They get what they deserve!


Anonymous said...

It seemed to me that Lapolice had a very undisciplined team. However, Mack has made several bad moves and this one could ultimately be his last bad one in Winnipeg. Who's next?