Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reynolds Details Thought Process Behind New GM


Riders president and CEO Craig Reynolds spoke for over 20 minutes on Thursday morning about the search to replace Brendan Taman as general manager and vice-president of football operations. Reynolds had much to say, but here is some of it in highlight fashion

  •  Ideally, the new man will be in place by mid-December. He wants to develop a short list of four and says current interim GM Jeremy O'Day is one of those 4. 
  • There is a good foundation here, but change is needed
  •  It is not fair to critique what O'Day has done since taking the job saying that would not be fair to Jeremy
  • Jeremy was a part of the 2015 season and how it went down, but he was also a part of the 2013 season and how it went down. 
  •  It is not critical to hire a marquee name, but it is imperative he hire the right name 
  •  The candidate could serve as both a head coach and general manager, but you need some special qualities to perform both 
  • Any decision made is one met with criticism. He is prepared to own the decision he makes and the ensuing fallout
  • Some surprise candidates have come forth and interest has come from both sides of the border. He says having CFL experience is key 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Reynolds for the sound business direction. Craig Reynols nobody's Cabana Boy.

Anonymous said...

Why would O'Day want to stay if he doesn't get the job? That last statement is wishful thinking by Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

What a sham of a news conference! Reynolds could have saved everyone a lot of time and made of all you media folk who have been hyping O'Day very happy by just saying its his job.

I am guessing right after Grey Cup the announcement will be made.