Wednesday, November 18, 2015

University of North Dakota Selects New Nickname

The University of North Dakota has announced that Fighting Hawks will be the University’s new nickname. The results of the nickname runoff vote, held online November 12-16 for eligible voters, were tallied and provided to UND by Qualtrics, the third-party voting platform management firm that conducted the voting process. Final results of the vote were:

Total votes: 27,378

Fighting Hawks: 15,670 votes (57.24 percent)
Roughriders: 11,708 votes (42.76 percent)

As noted in the voting guidelines previously issued by the University, any name receiving over 50 percent of the runoff vote would be determined to be the University’s new nickname.

Said UND President Robert Kelley, “We are pleased to be able to announce the selection of a new nickname — Fighting Hawks — and bring this process, in which so many people have participated, to a successful conclusion. We especially appreciate the two nickname committees who worked so hard during this past year to make this a transparent, inclusive process that led to a short list of potential nicknames. Now, the voters have spoken, and they have told us that Fighting Hawks should be that new nickname. This is an appropriate choice, as Fighting Hawks symbolizes the competitive spirit of our athletes, the perseverance of the North Dakota spirit, and the continual ascendancy of the University and the state.”

The nickname vote was launched following a year-long effort by the UND Nickname Process Recommendation Task Force, and, subsequently, the UND Nickname Committee. The groups were charged with developing a process for nickname selection, and then with developing a short list of potential nicknames for a vote. They facilitated broad public input along the way, including an online survey, a series of regional town hall meetings, and a 30-day nickname suggestion period.


Anonymous said...

Dressler and Schultz should have gone down and campaigned for the Riders name!

Anonymous said...

The UND Roughriders would have been great especially when one great former Rider and one great current one went there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I object! This is most fowl, now they're dissin' us birds!!

Chicken Little.

Anonymous said...

thats lame, sounds like a grade school intramural floorhockey team ,better than roughriders though.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, this world of political correctness that we live in.