Monday, January 14, 2019

Riders Take Three In CFL Mexico Draft

The CFL held its draft for players currently playing in the Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional on Monday.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders had three selections.  With the 6th selection, they took defensive lineman Rene Francisco Brassea.  After that, the team took receiver Carlos Olvera with the 15th pick with defensive back Francisco Javier Garcia being selected with the 24th pick.

Whether or not, any or all three come to training camp is not known.


Anonymous said...

Well... all the Chris Jones haters can now rejoice as the Saskatchewan Roughriders football franchise falls back into decay under Jeremy O'Day Taman? as Mr. Jones waves goodbye to the CFL and says hello NFL. Part of this transaction can be directly attributed to Randy Ambrosie's "minor league mentality" with his continued direction nto the abyss of extinction.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Roughriders fanbase will get a qb now with O'Day possibily in charge, Durant back, Dressler back, Bob Dyce Head Coach. (MAJOR FOOTBALL FRANCHISE SETBACK) Bad moves, very bad. Craig Reynolds needs to not to not do himself or the organization a backwards disservice by a impulsive hire of O'Day without other considerations, just because it needs thought. He needs to look outside the box if the Roughriders are going to proceed in the correct direction moving forward.


Anonymous said...

CFL is dying slowly. It already has in Canada's 3 biggest cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.