Friday, September 27, 2019

This and That

Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order

--Where would Cody Fajardo and the Saskatchewan Roughriders be if it wasn't for Simoni Lawrence.  Could one say as the Riders prepare to battle the Argos on Saturday looking to go to 9-4 that the play of the year for this football team was the gutless headshot Collaros took at the hands of Lawrence on what was the Riders 3rd play from scrimmage.

If Collaros is the quarterback of the green-and-white right now, are they 8-4.  With all due respect to Zach, I don't think they are.  Fajardo was obviously the huge beneficiary of this as he was given his opportunity to show what he can do and we have seen the results.

Tom Brady capitalized on an injury to Drew Bledsoe and you know the rest of that story.  Under no circumstances can you compare Brady to Fajardo, but where would TB12 be if Bledsoe had continued playing for the Patriots.

--Let's be honest.  Coming out of training camp, did you think the Riders would be in a position where they could win 11 or 12 games this year.  I don't think a lot of people did with some thinking this team would compete for a crossover at best. Nope!

--The CFL's leader in touchdown passes this year has been benched.  Only in the CFL.  McLeod Bethel Thompson has 19.  Hands up if you knew before reading this that MBT had 19.  I had to double and triple check when I looked at the stats.

--It's just embarassing that the CFL recognizes Vernon Adams Junior for his play against the Bombers in a game where he eventually gets suspended for a helmet-swinging incident. It is perhaps more embarassing for the referees who didn't kick Adams out of the game.

-Good on VA for just taking the suspension and not appealing it as so many others have in the past

--Back to Simoni Lawrence and why was he not  suspended for his hit on Logan Kilgore?  For that matter, why is Simoni Lawrence still in the CFL? The league doesn't need idiots like him on the field.

--I'll get my first look at the Pats Sunday afternoon when they tangle with the Winnipeg Ice.  I'll have the call of the game on Access 7 with Jared Dumba.  I am sure those watching Access will be complaining about the play-by-play talent midway through the first.  Who could blame ya!!

--Boys will be boys, but what Auston Matthews and his buddies did back in May is downright scary.  Doing that wasn't cool and it wasn't cool 10, 20, 30 years ago despite what some are thinking.   I would think any woman would be scared out of her mind if a group of intoxicated men tried to get into her car.   By the way, how is it neither Kyle Dubas or the Leafs had no idea about this incident until four months later.  Did Mike Babcock really say he got the news from Twitter?

--Week 4 NFL Lock Of The Week  --  Colts over Raiders
   Week 4 NFL Upset Of The Week -- Saints over Cowboys

--The NHL's top 50 came out this week with many different organizations like TSN, ESPN etc etc etc giving their list.  Connor MacDavid was unanimous at number 1.  At number 2 though, you had Crosby on one list, Nathan McKinnon on another and Nikita Kucherov on another.  If McDavid is unanimous at number one, who are 2 through 5 in your mind.  I would have Kucherov at 2 FWIW.

--My coffee budget has gone up a lot this week and so have my Tim's visits. Yes, its hockey card season at Timmies!!

--You could have given me many guesses and I wouldn't have picked Keith Urban as the halftime entertainment at this year's Grey Cup.  What a great grab by the CFL.  With the game being in Calgary, I thought it would be a country music act and I thought the honour would go to one of my faves--Paul Brandt/  Brett Kissel and Dallas Smith were also acts I thought would be good.  Urban is one of the top country artists out there.  How can you go wrong?

Great pick CFL!!  No flying snowmobiles though!

--That's all I got.  Have yourselves a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

simone lawrence should be booted from CFL

Anonymous said...

Matthews can kiss his chances of being captain away. What he did isn't exactly being a leader. I think a lot of us did things we regret at 22, but a lot of us aren't millionaire hockey players either.


Anonymous said...

I was never a fan of Collaros and went into the season thinking once he got hurt, they were done because they had a rookie and a journeyman backup behind him. The game in Hamilton showed me nothing that Fajardo would be able to lead this team. I thought a 5 win season might be in the works.

I am the first to admit I was wrong on that one. I think a lot of others are like me.

First place isn't out of the question and in late September, I didn't think we would have a hope at that back in June.


Anonymous said...

Simoni Lawrence is the dirtiest player in the CFL since Angelo Mosca. After that ankle twisting thing he should have been barred.

Anonymous said...

That was you in the Vic Square Tims drive thru Monday morning around 930 right? Saw you from inside the shop.

Anonymous said...

Was the year Brady came in to replace Bledsoe Belichick's first year as HC in NE?

Anonymous said...

What should be running through your muddled mind is why you haven't been approached to do the RP show which is approaching 80 shows. Don't you want to sit in with Rod and "DUPES"!?

Anonymous said...

Valid point on Lawrence/Collaros.

Don't think Riders would be in hunt for first place if Zack was here!