Thursday, August 23, 2012

Conference Board Thinks Canada Could Have A Sports Explosion

A rosy prediction from the Conference Board of Canada on Thursday when it comes to professional sports in Canada.

A report from the board says the country is ripe for major league sports expansion over the next two decades.

The report says economic and demographic trends suggest Canada could support three new NHL teams, major league baseball in Montreal, an NBA franchise in Vancouver and as many as three, new Major League Soccer teams.

It gets better if you are a CFL fan. The study also suggests that by the year 2035, another seven cities could support Canadian Football League franchises.

The report's authors looked at population growth trends in specific markets, the effects of an aging population, the strength of the Canadian dollar and income growth to predict which cities will be able to support big-league sports.

It found that all Canada's existing major league sports teams are on a sound market footing, and suggests that Toronto could support a second National Hockey League team, along with Quebec City and Hamilton

The report states that, "in short, the future is bright for pro sports in Canada."

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lee said...

did it name the 7 cities for CFL