Sunday, August 5, 2018

Terrell Owens Works Out For Riders

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In the words of WWE Superstar Kurt Angle, its true, its damn true. 

The story can be found right here


Anonymous said...

So, do you still think Jones is a genius?

Anonymous said...

What does trying out 44 year olds have to do with "sustainable"?

Anonymous said...

Working out and signing a contract are two different things. No contract has been signed and Jones admits he has a ways to go. Nothing wrong with seeing what the guy can and can't do with his own two eyes.

Anonymous said...

If you thought the Manzeil hype was over the top, just wait for this circus if it comes to town.


Anonymous said...

Hey if Jones is back at home and he wants to see Owens and a bunch of others work out, why not? Did this cost the football team anything? Doubt it! Who cares!!

Bitch away at high speed if you sign a 44 year old, but skewering a guy for not letting an opportunity go past him when it costs nothing is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Carter and Owens would be quite a show! Pro football is entertainment and this would be great to see happen this fall.