Saturday, August 4, 2018

This and That

--Welcome to Saturday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order.

--When did Matt Elam become "the guy" for the Saskatchewan Roughriders? By looking at the thoughts of some, you would think the fact an incorrect roster was submitted meaning Elam could not play was the reason the green-and-white lost in Edmonton.  Yes, get those pitchforks out for Chris Jones and blame him for a clerical error that had NOTHING to do with the end result of the football game.  It is somewhat laughable. Did I say somewhat? Some suggesting he was out-coached by proven Gatorade cooler abuser Jason Maas because an incorrect lineup was handed in. 

The outright hate for Jones continues and it will be that way until he leaves win or lose.  Those that try to say that's not the case should just come right out and admit it. It will be better for yourself in the long run.

At the end of the day, what transpired on the turf at Commonwealth Stadium Friday night was an entertaining football game and one that showed me that with the lineup they want in the game, the Riders are a formidable squad.

The problems of the offence weren't solved, but the presence of Zach Collaros under center certainly made them a better football team.  The same could be said with Duron Carter being back on the field. The running game did not suffer without Jerome Messam (albeit he could have been used in short yardage at the goal line),  Jordan Williams-Lambert continued to show us what he has and the defence was the defence as an Edmonton team that had only allowed four sacks total going into the game allowed four on this night.

As I see it, the game came down to three plays:

1) The goal-line stand by the Eskimos that had to be reviewed by the command center.  Don't get me started on that effort by the command center or the crew itself.

2)  The Derel Walker TD catch in which he made a fantastic catch on a pass over Ed Gainey in the endzone

3) The 46 yard catch by Kenny Stafford which set up the game-winning touchdown. Again, a great pass by arguably the CFL's best player.

At 3-4 going into their 2nd bye week and having lost the first games against Edmonton and Calgary, I would think that the chances of a home playoff game may be gone, but there is still two-thirds of the season to go.  If this unit that was sent out in Edmonton, the unit Chris Jones envisioned on opening night, they will be much better over the last 11 games.

Make no doubt about it, there are still improvements that have to be made---mental improvements.  You can't have the receiver go offside three times, you have to make sure to be on the field when your number is called and you have to be able to convert on short yardage situations.  If the Riders score on that play, it might have been and very likely would have been a different outcome and perhaps we could have seen Mr. Happy on the other sideline take out his frustration on some other inanimate object.  At the end of the day, the Riders lost, but they didn't do so in the same fashion that Ottawa lost.  The "no lead is safe" moniker definitely applied to that one.  I get the feeling that could be a game that changes the season for both of those clubs.

--Soooooo Johnny Manziel.  About that debut?  Have we learned yet that Kavis Reed simply continues going through football hell because of the 09 Grey Cup?  If Montreal has a "Sheldon", I am guessing he tossed himself in front of a subway at the end of the first half.

--I just want to make sure I have this right when it comes to Major League Baseball.  Mariners 2nd baseman Robinson Cano was suspended 80 games for performance enhancing drugs.  If the Mariners make the post-season he can't participate.  Roberto Osuna gets suspended for 75 games for domestic violence and could be in a position to win a World Series ring with the Houston Astros after being traded by the Blue Jays.  Major League Baseball is saying they take performance enhancers more seriously than domestic violence.  Absorb that for a while.

--TSN has on the World Junior Showcase from Kamloops and the Hlinka-Gretzky tournament from Edmonton/Red Deer.  We are in mid-summer. We don't need hockey games on TV do we?  This is coming from a hockey guy!!!

--The summer is half over!!

--If you have been at the QCX or even if you haven't, you must know you can purchase a cricket grilled cheese sandwich.. I have been told by a few sources that not many are parting with their money to sample one.  No surprise! No thanks! Now that meatball corndog might be a thing!

--That's all I got.  Have a great long weekend!


Anonymous said...

"The outright hate for Jones continues and it will be that way until he leaves win or lose".

I got news for anyone and everyone (Old Boys Club) from Hickville Riderville Sask!


The Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club have a world class Head coach/Gm with world class athletes on the cusp of a coveted CFL Championship.

Read this, get this Jethros/Jethrines Bodines of a Saskatchewan world!
It's simple minded people like you and your simple minded know it all insistent interference that continues to stink up permeate Saskatchewan making it a continued have not Province and laughing stock of Canada, beyond. Ever wonder why big outside media (TSN website blog) have absolutely shut down their comment sections? Answer- because Saskatchewan buffoons continued with idiotic nonsense that stunk up such media outlets for all the world to see! No one wants to read or hear a Saskatchewan Hillbilly Haysead asinine comment. Case In point, read the ridiculous 3 DownNation that's become a pigsty zoo or listen to the whiny know it all Sheldon. I rest my case.

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

How about that doofus Rick Campbell and his Ottawa REDBLACKS mismanaged game, he should be fired for that mess. Blowing a 41 point lead, letting a unknown untested qb score 42 for the win.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, I am with you on the Riders offence. If Collaros had played in the Calgary game, they would have won that game. Someone like Messam would have been nice in short yardage, but that ship has sailed.

I think first place is out of the question, but barring no injuries, I still think they can battle the Eskimos for 2nd.

As for Jones, I am wondering if there are Rider fans out there who would have rather have the immature Jason Maas on the sidelines coaching them. That guy is a good coach, but what a suck. Imagine if Jones did something like that.


Anonymous said...

Hope MTL didn't shatter Manziel's confidence. That's what you get by putting someone in when not ready. How much longer can Kavis survive there?

Anonymous said...

1. It is not "can Kavis survive this" but can the franchise survive Kavis! They need to clean house soon, top to bottom.

2. As long as Reilly and Bo Levi stay healthy, and with Winnipeg loaded with talent, the best the Rider fans can hope for is a cross-over play-off appearance in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Oday needs to be sacked immediately from the Saskatchewan Roughriders on his insolence. How dare he undermine GM/Head Coach Chris Jones with a undermining comment from Buffalo NY. Blatant insubordination and it needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting opinions....

I do like Chris jones and have defended him but sending in a game day roster with Elam omited is a big whoops no way around it. I really like jones as a coach but now I am starting to wonder if he is wearing too many hats. If another team did this I am sure some of the Regina media would have a field day at their expense.

Johnny Manziel, why can’t cfl fans and media root for this guy? He is bringing a lot of exposure to the CFL and getting people interested in the CFL. I for one hopes he has some success in this league, and continues to bring exposure to the CFL especially south of the border.

What’s wrong with Jason Maas showing some emotion on the sideline. No different then a coach slamming down a clipboard or headset. If Chris Jones did this I wonder how much the Regina media would defend him as “good for him to be so fired up” “just trying to fire up his guys” ect.

And lastly the MLB on its punishment over Cano and Osuna. How can you say the MLB takes performance enhancers more seriously? The punishments are similar, Cano got 80 games for getting caught cheating and challenging the integrity of the league. Osuna has been alleged (charged) with domestic abuse. No facts have been established in court has not been given a legal opportunity to defend himself yet and still got 75 games and essentially ran out of Toronto. I would say for just being charged no one should challenge what MLB stance on domestic abuse is.

Anon number 9

Anonymous said...

Is anyone even talking about the roster mix-up if they win. Win is what they would have done had it not been for the goal-line screwup. Why wasn't Bridge in there for that? Have they lost much confidence in him?

The Jones hate is non-stop. It's fuelled by people like Vanstone and Davis. Following Rob on Twitter during a game just exposes his hate for the club.

Not happy with the loss, but it was a thousand times better offensively with Collaros back at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Red Sox for beating Swift Current! Long night at the ballpark, but a rewarding one. Why is it they had over a grand for their last few home games of regular season but a crowd of less than 500 last night? Cmon Regina, keep supporting the Sox!


Anonymous said...

First commenter has been sipping on too much juice at the fair. Does second commenter realize it was 28-10 Ottawa at the half. Pretty tough to blow a 41 point lead when up only 18 at the half. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jethro,

First comment dead on right about Saskatchewan and its inhabitants.

Second comment right on the money.

Toronto 42 Ottawa 41

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

This team continues to slog in the mud under Jones. They are just spinning their wheels hovering around 500 year in and year out. Why should we expect anything to change. The stupid personnel moves being made are a major contributor to why people don't like him. I'm OK with the releases of vets like Bagg, but the Carter/Steele thing is just stupid.

At what point does a serious look at what he is doing/not doing happening. For the money being paid, production is needed.


PS: With ya on the hockey. Not watching until WHL/SJHL start.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon #9

1) What's the difference between Manziel and other NFL guys that have come up here in the past? Are we supposed to cheer for these guys just because they have played in the NFL? Where's the Matt Elam hype then? He was a first round pick!

2) Defending Jason Maas? Do we forget how Jones was roasted for telling a cameraman to get the f**** out of the way during last year's playoff game even though the cameraman was in the wrong as Jones couldn't signal his plays in? Maas' temper tantrums are laughable and a joke as is he.

3) The Mariners have a chance at being in the World Series and winning a ring. Cano won't get an opportunity to be in the playoffs. Osuna beats the living daylights out of his girlfriend and has a chance at a World Series ring. Beat up your girlfriend, yeah that's OK says MLB but don't put something in your body you're not supposed to. If you can't see the mistake in that, you need help. BTW Scruff: Did not know that about Cano until reading this. It does make you shake your head!

Anonymous said...

Difference between Manziel and others that have come to CFL is the amount of hype and interest he is drawing to the CFL. Matt Elam and others for the most part don’t do that. It’s awesome for the CFL and hopefully draws a new audience to the league and hopefully giving it some more stability that it deserves. Plus I personally love the potential redemption story of overcoming addictions and redeeming himself.

Defend Jason Mass yes I will defend coaches and players who show emotion and passion. Would you care to share with me your examples of how Maas is a joke? Guy has won a couple grey cups as a assistant coach and has done a decent job as the head coach in Edmonton. By the way I had 0 problem with jones telling the camera man to get out of the way.

When did the mlb say it was ok to beat up your girlfriend???? The guy got 75 games by being charged with no legal due process taking place. Sorry if innocent until proven guilty is inconvenient to you. I have zero tolerance for domestic abuse but we cannot overlook that he hasn’t had an opportunity to defend himself in court and let facts become established in a legal court not hear say through the media. If found guilty I hope he never sees another MLB game in his life. By you and Mitchel Blair’s theory with some of the events in Matt Elams past why should he be allowed to compete for a grey cup this year? He was charged with battery and got off cause the girlfriend wouldnt testify against Elam. Where is the outrage against the Riders?

Just by being charged Osuna received punishment that is in line with a guy cheating, I would say MLB aid taking domestic abuse seriously.

anon number 9

Anonymous said...

An excellent reminder of how rich the history of the CFL is appears in today's Globe & Mail newspaper. The obituary on the Stamp's great player Larry Robinson is a great read.

Anonymous said...

Conor Orr's article/analysis after last nights game now up on the MMQB site is the best thus far on the Johnny Football 'situation'.

Manziel's future, at most, will be realized in the CFL if he can do what Burris and Dunnigan have observed: take time and learn the CFL complex defense systems first, respect the game, know that it will take three or more years of solid commitment to reach potential.

Anonymous said...

Anon number 9 = guy I don't want anything to do with. He probably thinks Messam and Justin Cox should still be playing.

Anonymous said...

"The outright hate for Jones continues and it will be that way until he leaves win or lose".

You're right on that Scruff

Anonymous said...

Franklin is coming to Sask straight up for Bridge.