Monday, September 23, 2019

Something To "Mitch" About

--I didn't see it as I was flying home from Calgary after having called the Rams game Friday night ( more on that later), but it would appear as if I missed the game of the year in the CFL.   The Bombers-Montreal game sounds like it was a ring-a-ding-dong dandy that had its fair share of controversy.

Why wasn't Vernon Adams kicked out of the game for swinging the helmet of Adam Bighill at the Bombers linebacker after a 4th quarter INT?  Yes, he did get a 15 yard penalty, but he should have been told to hit the road.  That may have been the difference between a victory and a loss for a Montreal team that win or lose has become the most exciting team in the league to watch.  One has to wonder if the league will step in and hand some supplementary discipline to Adams---then again if it is a suspension, it probably won't take effect until next year knowing the way the CFL works.

Win or lose, the Bombers have to ask themselves why it is they have let three leads slip away in the game's dying moments with two of those leads being of 20 points (Toronto & Montreal).  Rider fans will be quick to tell you that's what you get with a Richie Hall defence as they have seen that act play itself out here.  To me, it is simply a lack of focus in playing a 60 minute game and that is squarely on the shoulders of Mike O'Shea   The same Mike O'Shea who may have kicked off a career in politics when he told Montreal Gazette reporter Herb Zurkowsky that he strongly believes Andrew Harris does not take performance-enhancing drugs.  The paperwork would tell you otherwise Mike and at this time, there is nothing to suggest wyour running back had something that was tampered with enter his system.  Perhaps if he would r34al what it was that he was taking, we could clear this up but he doesn't want to.

--There is talk the BC Lions now have their game together.  Have we forgotten they beat Ottawa in back-to-back games.  Ottawa!!  Weren't they the team picked by many to be last or as Derek Taylor said on the Sportscage earlier this year -----dead ass last!   Beat a quality team and we can talk.

How many different ways has Duron Carter registered a TD in his CFL career?  He threw one on Saturday, he has had a pick six, he has obviously caught passes for touchdowns and he took a missed field goal back for a score along with a blocked punt return for a major.  Am I missing anything? I feel like I am.

--Aren't backup or young quarterbacks supposed to struggle in the NFL?  Daniel Jones and Kyle Allen would shake their heads no and Teddy Bridgewater would disagree as well.  Where are all those Giants fans who booed Jones on draft night? Who is Kyle Allen? So much for the Saints being vulnerable with Drew Brees out of the lineup.  There were some impressive performances from guys who aren't supposed to.  By the way, 20 of the quarterbacks that started on Sunday were 26 or under.  The game is in good shape at that position down south.  As for the CFL, uhhhhhhhh

--Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio says there are three teams interested in Antonio Brown.  Who and why?  Any team which signs him (and that includes the Seahawks) will prove that talent wins out over character in the NFL any day of the week.  Roger Goodell should just step in and say this guy isn't playing for anyone until this mess gets resolved.

--How many of you have been watching the Cleveland Browns looking for a Chris Jones sighting? Cmon, let's be honest! I think he is up in the pressbox, but I'm not sure.  I'm guessing he has to be because I haven't seen him on the sidelines.

--The Rams had to have basically everything go their way if they were to beat Calgary on Friday night.  They certainly gave it a shot.  The potent Calgary offense didn't have some weapons due to injury, but they still had defending Hec Crighton Trophy winner Adam Sinagra.   The Rams didn't give him a lot as Calgary had to fight and scratch for what they got.  They also benefitted from what was a terrible penalty on linebacker Josh White which took a pick-six from Jaxon Ford off the board.  I don't know White could be penalized when Sinagra ran into him, but much to the Rams disgust they did.

The team has lost three in a row, but there is a lot to be optimistic about with this team.  Steve Bryce and company will get it right.  The second half of the season won't be as tough as the first half, but there will be some solid tests for this team as they try to get into the playoffs. 

-_When did Jason Spezza become a Leaf?  I missed that one!

--It is becoming fairly obvious that Patrik Laine probably won't be a Winnipeg Jet as the interest in re-signing the RFA doesn't seem to be there.  What is a fair price in trade for the Finnish winger who has a lot of game left. With Dustin Byfuglien perhaps on the verge of calling it a career, I would think you need a top four defenceman to start. 

--Are we ready for the NHL season to start?

--Josh Donaldson and Edwin Encarnacion will both be involved with playoff baseball this year.  Just sayin!

--The Chicago Cubs thanks to a bullpen that is maybe double A at best won't be involved with playoff baseball this year. Just sayin!  I need to know how many times they have had the lead or been tied after 7 and gone on to lose.  What a pathetic group of relievers! I gotta think within the next two weeks we will be hearing the Cubs need a new manager.  It sounds like Joe Maddon is gone.  Thanks Joe!

That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I love watching Big Buff play hockey but if he retires I will respect him even more. It'll be the end of the Jets Stanley Cup dreams but I hate it when athletes go too long because of their ego or their agent.
It would be similar to when George Reed announced his sudden retirement and nearly 50 years later he's still CFL Royalty.

Anonymous said...

In 13 games this year Duran Carter has 403 yards receiving. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Not a Bombers fan and enjoyed them gassing another one, but Adams should have been tossed!

Anonymous said...

The league needs the alouettes to succeed... Adams isn't getting suspended. Jones and Allen have played 1 games let's not enshrine them in Canton just yet. Mayfield is starting to look more and more like Johnny football 2.0

Anonymous said...

Odell Willis has better eyesight than me. He tweeted out a photo of Jones on the sidelines in the 4th quarter last night. I watched the game and was also looking for him as was the case Monday night. I never saw him.

Adams should be suspended, but he won't. Is he moving into MOP category?


Anonymous said...

OMG, the Lions beat Ottawa and everyone thinks they're back. HA HA HA HA! Ottawa is the worst. After botching free agency and losing everyone they did, I think we all expected this didn't we.

Taylor wasn't wrong. By the way, the Sportscage is SOOOOOO much better now with him at the controls. It's not the "look at me" and "drink my kool-aid" show anymore.


Anonymous said...

All I hear from the "Gotta Be American" NFL fans who call that real football is how bad the quarterbacking is with this team and that team. Now some rookies win a few games and there Hall of Fame candidates. A quarterback coming right out of college and starting , maybe the NFL is over rated! With the Gotta Be American football fans the sky is always blue in there world.