Monday, September 9, 2019

Something To "Mitch" About

It was over before it really started on Saturday.  The Banjo Bowl was a one-sided affair and you pretty much knew it could be that way on just the third play from scrimmage.

Facing a 2nd and 17 from their own 3, Chris Streveler called his own number (shocking) and executed a quarterback draw for a first down..  How could you not know that was coming!

That play led the Bombers to a penalty-aided first-drive touchdown and it was basically all she wrote as the Riders seemingly never recovered.

The Bombers took Saskatchewan out behind the woodshed and dominated them on this afternoon.  It wasn't even close.  It may have been the worst 60 minutes of the year for Craig Dickenson's team.  It was bad.  Thankfully, many of us decided to say enough was enough and tuned into the women's final at the US Open to watch Canadian sports history. 

It was the worst effort of the year for the Riders D and yes, I haven't forgotten what happened in Ottawa.  Micah Johnson continues to not make tackles and the rest of the defense just seemed to forget about tackling.  It was one sad effort and it looked worse because Chris Streveler was slicing and dicing that unit up.  Seeing the Bombers win wasn't surprising, but the domination they had was.

Cody Fajardo said after the game it was a wake-up call after winning six in a row and he's right.  A one-sided beatdown will bring a lot of humility and it gives the team a different attitude as they walk into the room to get ready to take on an Alouettes team that is solid with Vernon Adams Junior under center.

What did we think about Mike O'Shea challenging a pass interference call that clearly wasn't late in the game? We saw what Ed Gainey thought about it.  Gainey can't get into another team's coaches face, but cmon Mike!  Then again, it is Mike O'Shea so we should expect nothing less.

--Say what you will, but with Bo Levi Mitchell back at the helm, the Calgary Stampeders should still be the favourite to win the Grey Cup.  They are simply a better team with BLM under center.  Man, I feel dirty typing that, but its true.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Stamps finish first again in the West.

--I have to admit I am surprised TSN and the CFL have come to terms on a new contract as was reported by Postmedia's Dan Barnes on the weekend.  TSN must

--Now to the big story of the weekend which was at Flushing Meadow.  If you didn't know who Bianca Andreescu was before, you do now. In a performance that I think is bigger for the Canadian sports landscape than the Raptors win earlier this year, the 19-year-old knocked off Serena Williams to become the first Canadian ever to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament.  It rivals what Mike Weir did at the Masters, what Donovan Bailey did at the Atlanta Olympics and what Brooke Henderson did at the Wascana.   This wasn't a team representing a Canadian city, this was a Canadian winning one individual battle after another to show they were the best in what was a hostile environment.

There was no doubt the New York crowd was behind Serena and why wouldn't they be.  As CTV's Gina Martin and many others said on Twitter, the fact Andreescu apologized to the crowd for Serena not winning was sooooooooo Canadian.   As many also pointed out Serena was her Serena-self by taking a back-handed swipe by saying post-match Bianca was good, but she played her worst match of the tournament.  Keep it classy Serena!

One only wonders how the script would have changed if Williams had won the second set.  It was all Andreescu until the realization came as to what she was about to do.  You could see the nerves taking over and as a comfortable 5-1 lead turned into 5-5, you wondered if she would have what's needed to get back up the canvas and win.  She did and now we wait to see what the future holds for her.  One has to think this isn't the first Grand Slam tournament she will win. It's a great story!

I don't know who thought up of the "#shethenorth" hashtag, but it was sheer brilliance!

--After a thorough spanking of UBC in their season opener, the Regina Rams crashed back to earth with a resounding thud losing to Alberta at home.  This was nothing like the Regina team that went into Vancouver and beat the T-Birds.  Perhaps the T-Birds just aren't that good after getting spanked for the 2nd week in a row this time by the Huskies in Saskatoon.   The U of S face the Rams Friday night at Mosaic.  Perhaps we will see just how good both of these teams are on that night seeing both got rid of the TBirds in rather easy fashion.   It's always fun when the Huskies and Rams meet and you know there will be many from Toontown coming to Mosaic to watch this one.

--If you're a Miami Dolphins fan, you may be asking yourself why after their opening week NFL debacle. Nothing like opening up at home and getting pasted by 49 in a game that was basically over midway through the first quarter.  Hey, Miami can redeem themselves with a home game next weekend against New England.  YIKES!

--For a while I thought Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals were going to walk into Seattle and beat the Seahawks.  Dalton threw for over 400 yards in the 21-20 Seattle win.  Yes, I did say Andy Dalton.

--I had Atlanta and Jacksonville as upset picks in Week 1.  That was a big swing and a miss on both.

--The game tonight between Houston and New Orleans could see 70 plus points scored with Deshaun Watson and Drew Brees quarterbacking their respective teams.  That one should be a lot of fun.

--Who didn't see Antonio Brown going to the Patriots?

--Who feels sorry for all of those Cleveland Browns fans who were so looking forward to Week 1 of the off-season after all the moves made only to be treated with a solid display of Browns football as they were beaten 42-13 at home by the Titans.  Say what you will about Riders fans and their passion, but for Cleveland to still support this team after the many years of what they have seen is simply amazing.  That team is better, but they still have a long ways to go. A long way!

--We're less than two weeks away from the start of the WHL season.  Let that sink in for a moment!

--As another hockey season starts, here is a disgusting display for you.  There is simply no call for this.  A complete ban from the rink is needed with jail time as well.  If it is true, that a kid slashed the referee starting this nonsense, that kid should be told to hang up his skates for the winter and not come back.

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Not that concerned about the loss. Teams are going to have these games every now and then and Winnipeg was foaming at the mouth after losing the LDC.

The key is to make sure it is a one-off and get back to playing Rider football against Montreal, It won't be Pipkin and Shiltz this time boys!



Anonymous said...

The Raptors win was big, but this is way bigger.

Kawhi, Lowrry, Gasol, Van Vleet...etc etc call Toronto home, but they aren't Canadian. Andrescu, Henderson, Weir, Olympic champions are Canadian. It means that much more.

The Raptors allowed us to wave the flag. Bianca allowed us to wave it proudly and say she is one of ours.

Anonymous said...

Saw your tweet on the political ads you put out Saturday. I couldn't agree more. In the past, I have voted for Ralph because of who he is. A vote for Ralph means a vote for Justin. I won't be doing that. I hope those in his riding and other places see that as well when it comes time to put down their ballot.

I am not a Scheer fan either, and I sure as hell won't be voting for Singh. Politics has become so dirty these days that no matter what is said, it will be twisted. I just hope Canadians look at the last four years and the broken promises made and their quality of life when voting day hits.


Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to see what TSN and Sportsnet have as their stories of the year. As it stands now, it will be Raptors/Bianca, but in what order.

Both have no broadcast ties with Bianca and both carry the Raptors. Will they pick basketball just to appease one of their partners?

In my mind, its Bianca.


Anonymous said...

1. Bianca
2. Brooke
3. Blues (17 Canadians)
4. Raptors.

Anonymous said...

I planned on taping the Riders game because I was going to watch Andreescu. Smart decision that was.

The Raptors win was huge for this country, but basketball is mainstream here much like hockey baseball and football. The numbers show that.

When a 19 year old Canadian can beat one of the best in the world to win a prestigious tennis championship or a 20 year old Canadian can beat any other golfer put up against her to win a prestigious golf tournament, it has far more value in my mind.

A Stanley Cup win for a Canadian team would be nice, but I would rather have Olympic gold because all players are from here.

Just my two cents


Anonymous said...

At least you learned how to spell "Andreescu"s name right! #youreajoke

Anonymous said...

Nothing on the Hilltops beating the Thunder? It only happens every time the two teams play.

Very Regina-ish!!

Anonymous said...

Those individuals should never be allowed inside a hockey rink again! Disgusting display is right! This is why kids are so afraid to be a ref or an ump these days.


Anonymous said...

The Banjo Bowl is Winnipeg's Grey Cup,the banjo bowl trophy is the only trophy they've hoisted in victory since 1990. It's September so there annual Blue and Rust slide will begin very soon.