Friday, September 29, 2017

This and That

Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

 --The Riders Eastern road swing starts tonight.. I think the Riders win this game, and they should with Ryan Lindley at the controls unless he has picked up his game considerably from his poor effort against the Bombers.  Who's kidding who, it wasn't a banner night for the former NFL quarterback. He obviously needs to be a lot better if the REDBLACKS are to be in this one.  How do the Riders react after a short week? Have they recovered after what was a slobber-knocker against Calgary? Despite Ottawa's record, they are still an extremely good football club. How many games have they lost by 4 or less? It won't be easy tonight.  It should be fun though.  The Riders are favoured by 3 and I think should cover rather handily especially if Lindley's game doesn't improve drastically.

--Has it crossed anyone's mind that the next two weeks could be a preview of things to come?  With Ottawa 2nd in the East and Toronto 1st, the Riders could very well be going through the scenario they are faced with over the next few days in November as they go in search of the Grey Cup.  If they end up finishing 4th in the West, this will be the road they take. I am pretty positive Chris Jones and company know what's going on.

--After that game is over, the Alouettes will be in Calgary. For the sake of the kids, turn this one off because it has the potential to be even nastier than it was when Hamilton went to McMahon this year. Calgary is favoured by 17. They could be favoured by 27! The U of C should come out for the second half just to make the Alouettes feel better. This should be ugly as the descent of the Alouettes continues.  

--While those games are going on, I will be in Saskatoon for what I think will be an entertaining tilt between the Rams and Huskies.. It's a battle of 2-2 teams, and I think it is safe to say that whoever wins will have the inside track at hosting a playoff game although I'm sure Blake Nill and the UBC Thunderbirds have something to say about that.   It is "Salute The Troops" night at Griffiths Stadium, and they do it right at the U of S,  I am thinking many supporters of the Rams will be in the building for what is always a great atmosphere when the two teams play. I'll bring it to you alongside Addison Richards online at  I'm expecting a ring-a-ding-dong dandy. 

--Back to the Riders and the Trent Richardson saga.  It's the Vince Young story all over again with the only difference being Richardson is much younger. At 26, you feel the need to kick the tires to see if there is something there. Like Young, it doesn't cost the team anything to bring him in for a look.  It could be the best move they make or it could be a move that sees him go home.  The only question I have is at the age of 26, why aren't other NFL teams interested in his services? That is the red flag that goes up with me.  I just think there are other guys out there who could be an asset who have been playing and not sitting.  I guess we'll watch this one to see how it turns out.  If it is a positive for the Riders, it will be a huge one. 

--I hope Chris Getzlaf can find CFL employment, but I'm not sure if he will.  If this is it for Getz after being released by the Eskimos, he will go down as having had an outstanding career. One in which basically he was a throw-in on a deal that turned out very well for the green and white.  He caught 414 passes over an 11 year career and had 41 TD catches.  That's a 10 percent catch to touchdown ratio.  That has to be one of the best for a Canadian-born receiver.  

--The old girl is coming down. 

The original home of the Riders will soon be no more as evidenced by this pic from 620 CKRM's Cody Glydon on Wednesday. Some are glad to see it go while others are melancholy  Make no doubt about it, what we have now is 1000 times greater than what we had at this place, but the memories don't go away.  From my first game as a small child to the last time walking up and down those miserable ramps, this is where my love of the game started. It will be extremely odd in a few months driving down Saskatchewan Drive or driving anywhere in the city where you could see Taylor Field and no longer have it included in the skyline. I hope the city lets us know when the west side facade and the east side stands will come down because I think many will want to see it

--Week 4 NFL Lock Of The Week -- Dallas over LA Rams
-- Week 4 NFL Upset Of The Week -- Houston over Tennessee

--Those who went to Saskatoon Wednesday got to see Connor McDavid be Connor McDavid. The two goals he scored against Carolina were the price of admission for many as they got to see #97 up close.  Seeing him try to take the Oilers to a higher level than last will be fun. I can't believe the NHL season starts Wednesday.  Didn't they just give Sid the Cup?  Here's a question for you, If you are in a hockey draft and you are picking 3rd knowing the first two gone are likely McDavid and Crosby, who are you taking.  I would have to lean towards Patrick Kane, but with guys like Laine, Matthews, Ovechkin and Malkin out there who would you take?

--I am guessing those in Moose Jaw can't wait for the puck to drop tonight as the Warriors and Pats play one another for the first time this season. Have the Warriors ever iced a better team? The answer to that will be discovered in a few months. Moose Jaw has the early edge, but the Pats once they are fully stocked will be much better and everyone knows that. That being said, the Warriors will want to send an early message.

--That's all I got.. Have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Getzlaf finish off the season here, but would he help the team? No doubt about it, he had a great career! He should be a POH guy in the next few years.


Anonymous said...

Rams are gonna get a whuppin tonight Scruffy!!

Anonymous said...

Great point on this being a playoff preview for Riders. Never really thought of that until you brought it up yesterday.

It's tough seeing Taylor Field get torn down, but it's great where we are now. It will be strange though when that area is open.

Good read today Scruffdog!


Anonymous said...

Shivers said RB's are a dime a dozen. Does Murphy not have a dime? Why isn't Richardson on the radar of the other NFL teams. Do they realize he is done? I think we know the answer to that.

Anonymous said...

If Richardson can learn the game, he has potential to be a major game-changer. Looking forward to seeing what he does.