Thursday, October 26, 2017

Darian Durant Talks About His Return to Saskatchewan

Darian Durant is back in Saskatchewan.

The long-time Rider, who will be the starting QB for the Montreal Alouettes Friday night, spoke about his return and what will be going through his head when the two teams battle at Mosaic Stadium.


Anonymous said...

Great interview. Such a classy guy

Anonymous said...

Darian deserves to be recognized. He won a Grey Cup on Saskatchewan soil and was the face of this franchise good and bad for a decade. Those who can't realize that simply are not smart people.


Anonymous said...

Great show tonight. One of the best in recent memory Scruff. Thanks for putting up the entire audio.

Anonymous said...

How bad will it be when he is pulled at the half?

Anonymous said...

x2 Dave! #thankyoudoubles