Tuesday, November 20, 2018

CFL Suspends Jonathan Rose For Grey Cup

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EDMONTON (November 20, 2018) -- The Canadian Football League (CFL) has released the following statement:

We are extremely reluctant to take an action that could prevent an athlete from joining his teammates for what may be the most important game of his life. But there is an another principle at stake, one which has very significant implications for our league and sport in general.
If we fail to send a strong signal when there is physical abuse of an official, whatever the circumstances, we risk sending the wrong message to not only the athletes in our league but young and aspiring athletes, coaches and even parents throughout sport. Officials are an important part of athletic competition, responsible for its integrity. While their contributions too often go unsung, we cannot allow them to be disrespected or, worse, abused.

For these reasons, the Canadian Football League has notified  Jonathan Rose of the Ottawa REDBLACKS that he is being assessed a one game suspension for pushing an official during last Sunday’s Eastern Final in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

One game? Typical, only in the CFL.