Wednesday, November 7, 2018

One Step Closer To The CFL In The Maritimes

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Maritime Football Limited Partnership (MFLP), along with Canadian Football League (CFL) Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie, have launched a season ticket drive and name the team contest at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. The Wednesday announcement is part of an ongoing process to gauge interest for a CFL franchise in Atlantic Canada.

“This is a big day for Halifax and Atlantic Canada,” said Anthony LeBlanc, founding partner of Maritime Football Limited Partnership. “It’s a day football fans have been waiting for and an important step towards bringing another professional sports team to this region.”

Available for purchase now, season ticket deposits are $50.00 per package and the deposit will place fans on a priority list for season ticket membership and seat selection on a first come, first served basis. Season tickets are in high demand and fans are encouraged to make their deposits quickly in order to secure their preferred seats.

In addition, individuals who make a deposit for season tickets will be eligible to participate in a name the team contest. Participants will be asked to vote on name options, as well as submit their own preferred name. The team name will be announced at a special event during Grey Cup weekend later this month.  The four options given out on Wednesday were Atlantic Schooners, Atlantic Admirals, Atlantic Storm and Atlantic Convoy.

“As Canada’s national league, the CFL aspires to have a presence from coast to coast,” said CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie. “Our players want to play in the region and our fans tell us they want the league to expand east. We’re happy to see fan excitement growing for an Atlantic franchise.”

Ticket prices will be announced well in advance of the club’s inaugural season. Partners aim to have players on the field as early as 2020.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think this team won't be named the Atlantic Schooners?


Anonymous said...

Read between the lines Randy, smlfp appear so sketchy its pathetic. Any build in that harsh storm driven Atlantic salt water climate would have be a very well built multi purpose covered stadium (Can't be left open to the elements out there). More investor dollars, more investors instead of looking for the typical all mighty taxpayer hand outs. That area of Canada poor.

Anonymous said...

Correction- should read MFLP not smlfp