Thursday, January 10, 2013

This And That

--I think I speak for most people when I say ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! when it comes to the snow. What on earth did we do to deserve what we've gotten this winter? It had better be a nice summer and a bug-free summer at that!

--Its great to see Rob Bagg back under contract. You can't help but feel for Bagg the way his last two seasons have ended, and a lot of people forget his 2009 ended in bad fashion as well as he broke a collarbone on what turned out to be the Riders last offensive play of the season. The Riders need Bagg as a break-away guy. Hopefully he hasn't lost too much speed.

--I never got a good look at Limas Sweed when he was here last year. The Riders think enough of him to bring him back so he can't be in that Dwayne Jarrett mode.

--Did I mention how much I hate the snow?

--It wasn't great at the time, but life became a lot better for this cowboy 4 years ago on January 10. A lot better!

--I can't believe all of the fuss made over Brent Musberger's comments on Monday night during the Alabama-Notre Dame game. Yeah, he looked like your creepy uncle by gushing over AJ McCarron's girlfriend, but she didn't seem to mind. Her Twitter followers went up exponentially and when you look at her, Musburger isn't all that wrong. He certainly helped launch the career of Jennifer Sterger when she came on TV one night during a Florida State-Miami game and Musberger said young men across America will be wanting to enroll at Florida State. Then again, as one friend told me "Where's Jennifer Sterger now?" Her 15 minutes has apparently expired. Maybe Brett Favre knows!
 Hey, at least Musberger didn't pull a Joe Namath...

--The comments that some make about Rider GM Brendan Taman and HC Corey Chamblin are simply laughable. I would tell you one theory that I was told about Chamblin after Craig Dickenson left town, but its just too stupid to put into print. Do people really still think that way? Sadly they do!

--Whoever handles the Twitter account for the Dallas Stars is getting a two thumbs up from this blogger for his or her fine work this week. When it was announced the NHL is back, the Cowboys twitter account basically said no one cares. The Stars account responded with "at least our #9 gets it done" referring to Mike Modano and Tony Romo. BOOM!!!!!

--When did HIW star "Jumpin Joe" change his name to Joey Vendetta. I missed that one and I was at the last card. Nothing against the performers at HIW, but an appearance by Principal Pound is needed!

--Is Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin the number one guy you take in a hockey pool?

--The excitement over the game being back is the one reason why hockey can do what it wants. We are all sucked into the product and seemingly hold no ill will that the first few months were missed for no real reason.

--Brian Burke is a good hockey guy, but he needs to phone up Ron Wilson to see where he is hiding and join him for a while.

--There aren't many better news anchors around than Global Regina's Jill Morgan. Does she ever make a mistake or get tongue-tied?

--NFL winners this weekend--Baltimore, New England, San Francisco and Seattle. Did you really think I would take Atlanta? That being said, if the Falcons win, I may root for them the rest of the way.

--It still bothers me as to why the Blue Jays caravan is making its way across the country and yet it stops in Saskatoon and not Regina. I guess making a stop in Saskatchewan is key though. Its too bad that a lot of Regina Blue Jays fans who thought about making the trip up may not be able to now because of the un-baseball like weather.

--The Pats didn't do much at the WHL trade deadline. It would seem as if there wasn't a good market for the 20 year olds that they had available--especially Matt Hewitt. The cards have now been shuffled and dealt for the stretch run so lets see what this team can do.

--Access has a reality 'bachelor" type show named "The Lamb of Love". Who the hell would want to be referred to as "The Lamb of Love"! There's a joke there about my Access 7 Locker Talk co-host Pete Paczko but I will resist. Who's kidding who, there's a Pedersen reference that could be made as well--but again I will take the high road and pass.

--Good luck to Graham DeLaet as he starts his 2013 PGA Tour at the Sony Open in Hawaii. It would be damn nice to see DeLaet doing his thing close up right now.

--Tiger Woods 14 will come out in March and EA Sports says you will be able to play as some of the all-time greats in the game like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Yeah, I may plunk down the money to get that.

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend! Stay safe if on the highways and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

It is great to see Rob back, but you gotta think that one more injury and its strike three for him.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Musburgher is a modern day Richard Dawson.

Anonymous said...

Other teams found a way to move players, but the Pats don't. This team isn't talented enough to make the playoffs and if they do, they are out in the first round again. How much more is a Regina hockey fan supposed to take. Please sell the team Parker!

Anonymous said...

The oh-so-famous Namath clip. LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

I can't see Bagg seeing the same player he once was. His body has let him down. We might never know how good he could have been.


Anonymous said...

The trade deadline approaches and the Pats get stuffed in PA. Lang does nothing and the team gets stuffed againat home by Calgary. This team is and will be pathetic until new blood is brought in. I went to my last game tonight.