Thursday, January 31, 2013

This And That

Is it safe to say that as the calendar turns into February that I have had enough of winter? Am I alone in that thought? We are a tough, hearty bunch in Saskatchewan but this minus -45 degree weather is a little extreme is it not? Thank god we are getting temperatures that while still minus are in the single digits.

What knuckledraggers leave their animals out in this cold weather? Are these the same knuckledraggers that leave their dog in the car when its 30 above too. Anyone who is caught leaving their house pet outside in these conditions should have the pet taken away. Just my two cents on that! Agree? Disagree?

Did you watch Geroy Simon's press conference on Geroy certainly makes it sound as if he wants to be a Rider and is excited at the opportunity to keep his career going in green and white. One of the things I liked is he said he wants to be a part of the community and that he is moving his family here. I have to wonder if he got an endorsement from former teammates Barron Miles and Jason Clermont. Clermont is a Regina native as you know, but I wonder if Miles told Simon what a great place this is to be and that moving the family here would be worth it.

An interesting question was asked of me this past week and I didn't really have the answer. I don't know if Rod Pedersen would be able to answer the question either. The question was "Who's the most famous guest you have had in the Cage?" We have had a lot of NHL'ers, CFL'ers, NFL'ers along with some pro wrestlers and various media personalities along with others in the Cage, but I don't know if there is one that stands out. As I said, Rod is probably the best person to ask because I'm sure he has had someone on that I am forgetting about.

How about the toughness of Pats p x p guy Phil Andrews! Phil is a little sore these days after crashing hard into the boards during the skills competition on Monday night. He was in the fastest skater competition and he took a header after his skate hit the net. He says his back and shoulder are a little sore. I'm thinkin they are a lot sore.

It was cool talking to Mark McMorris the other day. I don't know if this kid realizes what a star he has become. He's only getting started.

I'm taking the Ravens on Sunday to beat the 49ers. If you want a score, I will say 24-13. Ray Lewis will go out a winner in his final game. It might also be the final game for Ed Reed and Joe Flacco will get that elite quarterback status that Eli Manning got a couple of years ago after he led the Giants to a Super Bowl win.

Its great to have finally secured a parking spot downtown. Its not so great going into my lot and finding it full meaning I have to find another spot--especially when the lot I am in has plug-in service. Oh well, at least I don't have to go to the machine every day to make a payment seeing its now paid monthly.

I heard a Saskatchewan media outlet leading a sportscast with the NBA this week. Sorry, but to me and many others that's just wrong!

The Humboldt Broncos made a profit at the Royal Bank Cup. A profit of $125 dollars. OUCH!

Did the Winnipeg Blue Bombers approach the BC Lions to see what the asking price for quarterback Mike Reilly was? If they didn't, why? I am guessing two words----Joe Mack! Surely, the Bombers can't go into 2013 with Buck Pierce as their number one guy.

How many more days until Baseball's Opening Day?

Poor Phil Mickleson. A chance at a sub 60 round lips out on 18. A 60 is still something many of us can only dream of----unless we are just playing the front 9.

I want to try one of those indoor golf places. That looks like a good way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. Are they OK?

I was hoping gas would get down to that one dollar a litre mark at most stations, but instead of going lower, they went higher in Regina. SIGHHHHH

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl


Anonymous said...

Geroy Simon, a tinge of self doubt and second guessing would be normal for any person to experience when leaving home. Welcome to Sask. and the great outdoors, hope you adjust to a extreme unpredictable harsh climate and the open air stadium at Mosaic/Taylor Field.

Anonymous said...

$125? That's brutal. I know the Broncos didn't make the final, but you would think they would have made more than that. Do you know what fell flat on them?

Gored said...

I hope you're right on the Superbowl score, I've got Ravens 4 and Niners 3 on our board for $750 on the final score. I'm a Niners fan but the cash would help me get over the loss.

Try the First Tee. We have a bunch that goes every week or two - not really golf but a good social outing.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, you've been doing a great job hosting the Cage this week. I'd still love to see you and RP doing that show together but it sounds like you might be a little busy in the afternoons.


Anonymous said...

Niners 33 Ravens 23 --LOCK IT UP!

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't care if they ever mention an NBA score.