Friday, March 1, 2019

This And That

--Welcome to Friday  and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they are in no particular order.

--Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!

Are we really surprised that Johnny Manziel has been told his services are no longer needed in the CFL after he broke the rules he was to abide by?  There is a lot of speculation as to what Manziel did to get himself a one-way ticket out of town.  I would just say there was a reason why Manziel had "the flu" so often over the past few months.  What he said and what he did may have been two different things and if that is the case, it is too bad. 

One has to think this is it for Manziel when it comes to football.  I can't see the AAF wanting him and while the XFL might, will he basically be playing because Vince MacMahon wants to use his name.  If he does, it won't help the demons Johnny is fighting.

He needs help and one can only hope he gets it.   In the meantime as predicted, his tenure in the CFL was like the rest of his pro football career---a failure.

--How do you feel about Saturday CFL playoff games? I love it! I have said before the Grey Cup game should be played on a Saturday night, but the league doesn't want to go that far.  Sunday eliminates you from going head-to-head against the NFL which is something the league is doing after the NFL season starts.   I think a Grey Cup on a Saturday night would be tremendous as well.  A 5 o'clock kickoff would leave many in a party mood. Would it really be any different than the usual festivities on a Grey Cup Saturday.  It would mean some could get home for Monday as well and their head wouldn't be pounding as they boarded their plane or got in their car as the case may be after Grey Cup Sunday.   I say try it!

--Without Access Communications covering the Regina Pats, we wouldn't be seeing a lot of WHL Hockey on our TV screen.  The Pats aren't making the playoffs so does that mean the TV coverage stops.  I would hope not, but I can't see Access going to Saskatoon, Moose Jaw or Prince Albert---maybe Moose Jaw but that would be it.

While Access has done games from all those venues, they have done it to showcase the Pats. That is great, but WHL fans deserve to see more than one team especially come playoff time.  I hope WHL fans aren't shut out at playoff time just because Regina is not involved.  If we are, its something you can pin on the league and not Access.  One of the things the WHL needs to do is establish its own TV network.  If Canada West can do it, the WHL can!

--As the NHL season starts to wind down, there is a solid chance we could have an all-Canadian Western final with the Jets and Flames going at it.  How much would the NHL love that?  If that isn't a drawing card for the Winnipeg-Calgary game at Mosaic Stadium in October I don't know what is.  When do tickets go on sale for that event anyway?

--We will know when the Stanley Cup is handed out who the winner and who the loser was at the NHL trade deadline   Right now, you might say the Columbus Blue Jackets are in the running for both.  The Jackets definitely made a splash at the deadline, but if they don't win some series or even make the playoffs it may not bode well.  I love the fact Winnipeg got Kevin Hayes and some depth players and didn't have to give up any of their solid prospects.   Nashville literally stole Wayne Simmonds and the fact Calgary did nothing makes me wonder if they have enough when push comes to shove.  We'll start getting answers soon.

--There are many good guys (and gals) in the Saskatchewan curling community.  That's something many of us know.  One of those guys at the top of the list is Kirk Muyres.  His new rink has shown they can curl with the big boys in this country and that is what he will do starting Saturday in Brandon.  I am sure much like Robyn Silvernagle no one is giving Saskatchewan a chance to be in the playoffs with the likes of Gushue, Koe, McEwen and Jacobs in the field.  I understand that, but don't be surprised to see Team Saskatchewan make a run at the Brier.

--During this week's taping of Locker Talk, we had Len Antonini from Regina Minor Football on as they start preparing for spring league.  How can RMF not be the best minor football program in all of Canada? If there is one better, I would like to see it.  What Len, Kelly Hamilton and many others have done to make that organization what it is tremendous. That statement really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has had any involvement with RMF at all.

--Bryce Harper will make 330 million over the next 13 years in Philadelphia.  If Harper is getting that, where does the bidding start for Mike Trout?

--Don't look for the WMBL to me calling Grande Prairie home anytime soon.  A group was looking at putting a team there, but that project has been put on hold.  Those Grande Prairie to Fort McMurray trips would have been fun.....NOT!

--Former Pats goalie Damien Ketlo is going to be on Canada Big Brother 7.   Tell me how it ends up.  As I have said before, reality TV is sports and not the crap that gets spewed across our TV screens like Survivor, the Bachelor and Big Brother.  How many bars put on the Bachelor or other reality TV shows?  Imagine walking into your favourite sports bar and seeing "Survivor" on all of the TV's.  No thanks!

--It isn't Toronto-Montreal, Riders-Stampeders or Canada-USA in womens hockey, but there might not be a better rivalry in Canadian university sports than the Cougars and Huskies in women's basketball.  They will go at it tonight in Saskatoon for the Canada West title for the 4th straight year. Should be a great night in Saskatoon.  See ya there!

--I want to see the Leafs play the Islanders in the first round!

--Good riddance February!! Signs of spring will come in March right? Right?

--Now that Jason Witten is leaving the broadcast booth to go back to the Cowboys, can we expect Cowboys fan Luc Mullinder to do the same?  Cmon big man, give us the scoop on the Cage Monday?  :)

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Manziel = another hotshot player from south of the border who couldn't make it up here. He's not the first, he won't be the last. Just shows again the CFL isn't what a lot of people dwn south think it is.


Anonymous said...

Saturday playoff games? Count me in! I've been saying it for years!

Sundays is NFL day. You can't compete with that animal no matter how hard you try.

Give it a shot!

Anonymous said...

Darrell is correct

Anonymous said...

The first time Manziel had "the flu", my alarm bells went off.

Good riddance to him. Those who wanted him here just wanted to watch that trainwreck up close and personal.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great now that Peterson no longer has the Riders gripping his balls that he can speak his mind! Will that grip be transferring to you come training camp?

Anonymous said...

A lot of positives could be gathered from Saturday playoff games. Would TSN want to go head-to-head with Hockey Night in Canada on SNET though? That might be the biggest obstacle!


Anonymous said...

I hope you know the WHL has a streaming subscription service called WHL live, people in the sticks outside of Regina will have access to whl playoffs on tv so don’t worry.

I am one of those people who rooted for Johnny Manziel to have success in the CFL, why not? He has a brand that would have given more exposure for the CFL south of the border which is a win for the CFL and I also like to root for people to overcome their personal demons, change and make a positive impact on the world. I didn’t find any self gratification in hearing about his release or felt like I had to say “I told you so”. Whatever his issues are I hope he overcomes them. I find it kind of ironic Manziel being released came on the same day as pink day, and seeing people posting on social media about bully awareness then the same day taking a shot at a man who has had his share of personal demons and mental health issues after he lost his job, which I assume played a part in his release.

Anon number 9

Anonymous said...

Come back Chris Jones, we left the stadium door open here in Regina just for you. I speak on behalf of the nation. We miss you.

Prez of the rider nation fanbase.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9. A streaming subscription service? Games are free on Access. I like my junior hockey, but do you think I am paying for it? I would love to see WHL Live #'s.

If that alone didn't make you an idiot, the fact you actually thought Manziel could succeed in the CFL is. Some people don't want help. He is one of them.

Thanks for the two cents.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has SHAW in Moose Jaw, I wish I had WHL coverage. We used to until SHAW pulled the pin on sports coverage.

Didn't Robison say a couple of years ago that there was going to be a WHL network? What happened to those plans.

As the poster above me says, I am not sitting at home paying whatever for a game. PPV Sports is stupid. Can you imagine what would happen if SNET started charging customers for watching NHL games.

Anon number 9 is bonehead number 1

Anonymous said...

Pedersen picked the Riders to be 5th in the West today. Last year, he said they would finish first.

Now that he can actually speak his mind, he is. Good to see.

Now will the truth come out as to why he is actually being replaced?

Anonymous said...

To the 2 posters that called me an idiot and bonehead wow..... way to engage in a discussion then have to try and insult me....

Ok so you don’t wanna pay for a subscription service, but still pay a monthly fee to access or whatever cable/satellite provider that carries Sportsnet, amoung a pile of useless channels you never tune into but have to pay for those channels cause Sportsnet is included in that package. You are paying to watch those games, your not getting any nhl games or pats games for free. And if you guys don’t wanna pay a subscription fee then don’t, no one really cares but the option is out there.

Did I say Manziel would have success in the CFL? Or did I say I was rooting for him to have success in the CFL over come his demons and mental health issues? Manziel like him or hate him has a brand and a big following, and if he had success he could have brought a lot more exposure to the CFL which could have brought more money to the league and its players, but hey root against him and enjoy the CFL as it is now that is struggling to get by outside of a few markets. Don’t bother looking at the big picture.

Remember when you used to be able to watch CFL games for free on CBC

Anon number 9

Anonymous said...

Pedersen is correct, last place Riders in the west this year unfortunately. He would know. Also, thank goodness the season almost over for the WHL Pats and Broncos. What a change from the last couple years for those franchises.