Friday, November 22, 2019

Grey Cup 2020 Logos Unveiled

The 2019 Grey Cup is just days away, but using Riderville at this year’s Grey Cup in Calgary as a backdrop, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL unveiled the 2020 Grey Cup and 2020 Grey Cup Festival logos Friday afternoon.
For the Festival logo, the Riders wanted to reflect Saskatchewan including its vast landscapes, golden wheat fields and living skies. The logo is filled with a rich, green colour palette to represent the Roughriders as proud hosts of the 2020 Grey Cup.
“It was important to us to create a logo that was warm and inviting for fans across the country as they come to celebrate with us in 2020,” said Roughrider President and CEO Craig Reynolds. “However, it was equally important to create something that felt like home for the 1.1 million Saskatchewanians who can’t wait to host this premiere event right in their own backyard. With sweeping wheat fields and big blue skies prominent in this mark, we think we’ve really created something special.”
The 2020 Grey Cup logo was developed in conjunction with the CFL, who worked hand-in-hand with the Club to create something unique to the Roughriders and the province of Saskatchewan.
In keeping with a more rich color scheme, instead of using a standard dark grey, a very deep black-green color that the Riders call “ Obsidian Green” was used to form the border of the logo and in the stadium art. Additionally, the logo calls on the architecture of Mosaic Stadium while pulling in elements of the Festival logo, including the custom “Saskatchewan” typography to ensure that both marks compliment each other when used together but are also bold and strong on their own.
The 108th Grey Cup goes November 22, 2020.

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