Monday, November 11, 2019

Something To "Mitch" About

--The Patriots seemingly get to the Super Bowl this year while the Stampeders seemingly get to the Grey Cup.  NOT THIS YEAR CALGARY!!!

This blogger had a swing and a miss when it came to the Western Semi-Final.  Did I ever!  I thought Calgary would easily defeat Winnipeg and when Reggie Begelton scored early on a third and one play where Willie Jefferson looked ridiculous, I thought it might be a long afternoon for Winnipeg.  NOPE!

As a result, Rider fans will get to see what they wanted back at the start of the season as Zach Collaros will be on the field for the Western Final playing quarterback---albeit for the Bombers as this crazy CFL season now gets down to four teams.

Collaros had one big pass on a cold Sunday afternoon in Calgary, but it was all Winnipeg needed as the Stampeders and Bo Levi Mitchell in particular looked horrible.  Horrible may be too kind for BLM when it comes to his efforts.

--The question now Rider fans is how are ya feelin knowing it will be Labour Day in November next Sunday.  I think a lot of you are over the moon knowing the Stampeders are out.  Hey, I'm in that boat too, but now you face the prospects of seeing Collaros and Willie Jefferson accept the Western Division championship trophy at Mosaic next week.  That would be a cold dagger, but the reality is it can happen and very well could if Cody Fajardo can't go.   He says he will be playing and one has to hope that will occur, but until I get a 100 percent confirmation from the club that he is, I wonder.

--The temperature calls for a high of plus 5 on Sunday.  We will take that.  Yes we will!!

--I guess we won't be hearing about Jason Maas being let go this week.  Credit to the Eskimos for going in and knocking down and knocking out the Alouettes.  I can't see them beating Hamilton, but can you imagine the wailing in Calgary if the Eskimos and Riders were to meet in the Grey Cup?

--How many NFL survivor pools blew up because of the Atlanta-New Orleans result on Sunday.  Sadly, I was out of both of my pools weeks ago, but I probably would have been done after that game.

--If you watch US College Football and you watched the Penn State-Minnesota game followed by LSU-Alabama, you may have seen two of the best games of the year at any level of football.  The game between LSU and Alabama was an instant classic!

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was on the Riders neg list at one time. Is he still there?  I will never understand why the CFL keeps these lists quiet especially at this time of year when US College Football is getting more interesting.  If you know this guy or that guy is playing in a huge game you might just tune in because you are a CFL fan wondering if this guy could succeed at the CFL game or if he has a bonafide NFL'er. 

The league does reveal part of the neg list which is better than what it was, but I'd like to see the whole list be revealed November 1.  Is the list that secretive?  All teams have a copy so its not like they are hiding something.

--One can only wonder if Don Cherry will make it to next Saturday's Coach's Corner.   The words spewed by Grapes on Saturday night were over the top. There is no doubt about that.  However, on Saturday I was out and there had to be a dozen people (people of all races and colour) who were not wearing a poppy.  I do question that.  While Ron McLean apologized, it came too late.  Sportsnet never really came down on Jim Hughson for his comments earlier this year so while an apology did come, I have to wonder if Cherry will apologize on Saturday.  If he does or doesn't, his time has to be coming to an end,  Who's next?

--I am told the Brandt Centre was close to full for Remembrance Day Ceremonies.  That was good to hear.

--Former NHL'er Matthew Barnaby sent out this tweet on the weekend.

Seriously? If you are a hockey parent and you have this app, you have a serious problem.  Tracking the ice time of a 10 year old.  Is this where we are going?

--I keep waiting for the Edmonton Oilers to fall.  They don't.  They are now 12-5-2 after demolishing Anaheim.  At what point do you start to think maybe they have what it takes?  Its nice to see the top three teams in the Pacific all being Canadian teams as well.

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Cherry should have been gone years ago. His due date has long passed.

However, this is a country that seemed to forgive a political leader for putting blackface on numerous times so perhaps it is a reflection as to how bad this country is becoming.

Anonymous said...

Don Cherry should have been removed years ago. Does anyone really listen to him anymore?

That being said, this country did re-elect someone who admittedly put blackface on several times. \

The outrage of a country seems to be focussed on the wrong things at times.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Don Cherry seems like that one old elderly uncle/grandpa simply tolerated at family functions, came from a different time, and uses some other terms we don't use today etc. every family has one (if you don't think yours does...then chances are its you)
..I wish for Don's sake he would've used a more generic term ("you knuckleheads out there not wearing poppies") pretty generic and wouldn't identify anyone..the message got muddled in its delivery.
that being said,,,,as a broadcaster you are responsible for what you air...I think a suspension would have been sufficient and apology from D.C..unless he refused..
.but looking at Sportsnet "Culling the herd" of its on-air staff (Kipper, Shannon, Doug Maclean , Bob McCown) this was a simple way to make things more affordable for their bottom line. I think it wouldn't have taken much for the brass to cut grapes loose.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the GC in Calgary and knowing BLM won't be playing makes me very happy!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Brian Burke now takes a larger role at Hockey Night?

Anonymous said...

LSU-Alabama may only be rivalled by Texas-USC Rose Bowl a few years ago when it comes to NCAA Football. What a game!


Anonymous said...

Scruffy, was it you that said kicking in the CFL is better than the NFL a couple of weeks ago.

Watch NFL games yesterday and you see you may be on to something.


Anonymous said...

Cherry stands up for soldiers and gets whacked.

Sportsnet bows to public pressure.

Just another reason as to how Sportsnet sucks!


Anonymous said...

As a hockey coach, if a parent came to me with that app I would tell him not to set foot in the rink again while his kid is playing.

That is embarassing!

Anonymous said...

I'm to the point where it doesn't matter who wins the West final. I'm just happy knowing someone else will be sitting in BLM's stall prior to the Grey Cup game.

By the way, I'm on Don Cherry's side too. We vote in the biggest serial liar in Canadian history then two weeks later we're offended by the truth.


Anonymous said...

You posted this already knowing Cherry was fired to make yourself look good.

Anonymous said...

Re: Grapes

Did I miss where Canada no longer allows freedom of speech? The man said what he believed in. Many disagree, but many agree as well. It is what democracy and free speech is about right?

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is a great thing, but the point is he made the comments on someone else’s platform. To make those comments to McLean over a beer at the local pub is one thing but to make them to a national audience while being paid by the network, not to mention Budweiser who sponsors Coaches Corner, is a whole different issue. Sportsnet, Budweiser (Labatts) and McLean have all apologized. Cherry Painted all with the same brush and should apologize as well.

Rod S in Saskatoon