Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That Wasn't Pretty

The Calgary Hitmen showed those at the Brandt Centre Wednesday just why they are one of the best teams in the WHL and the Pats are a team fighting for a playoff spot. Calgary simply dominated the Pats to a tune of 6-2. The first period was even, but when Calgary turned it up in the 2nd period, Regina couldn't match it and it showed. The Hitmen are a very good hockey team and it won't surprise me one bit if they are the WHL representatives at the Memorial Cup having won the league title. If there is a weakness on that squad, I'd like to know where it is. Perhaps its the fact they don't have a marquee defenceman like they have on good teams in the past, but Martin Jones might be the best goalie in this league so he makes up for that.
An interesting day in Riderville as they sign Kelly Bates while saying goodbye to o-linemen Bobby Harris and Antonio Hall. Harris is no surprise as he had a tough time in 09 due to knee injuries. Some are worried about Bates' age and how much he can contribute. We will find out during training camp.
Jeff Carter over Steve Stamkos? If Canada doesn't do well, Steve Yzerman might get scrutinized over that decision. Here's hoping Ryan Getzlaf will be OK and that Canada won't need Carter or Stamkos when the Olympic hockey tournament gets underway.
I was at the Pats game so I didnt see the Caps-Canadiens game. It looks like it was a great one though. You just can't count Washington out.
Did you go to the new Wal-Mart yesterday? If not, how long until you do.
Is it just me or did the Tankard sneak up on everyone. I had no clue it was starting in Lumsden until I read the preview piece in the Leader-Post. To see what's going on, go to
The Raptors have won eight in a row at home and have won 29 games going into the all-star break. Finally, Toronto sports fans have a team they can cheer for that might actually win on a consistent basis.
A snowstorm hit Cypress Mountain meaning disaster may have been averted at the Winter Olympics. Speaking of those games, we have seen a lot of flag-waving in the commercials leading up to Vancouver. Is that going to continue when the competition starts. You know what, I hope it does. The American network covering the Olympics has always been blasted for going over the top, but I say why not---especially in Canada. We have never really been one to wave the flag big time and go over the top. If TSN, CTV, Sportsnet, etc. etc. wants to spend more time focussing on our athletes and their highs and lows, I say its about time.
Peter Forsberg might be playing for Sweden in Vancouver. If he does well will we see him in the NHL wars for the stretch run. Don't be surprised!
As you go into your Thursday, remember this.....

Life is like a jar of Jalapeno peppers. What you do today, might Burn Your Ass Tomorrow"

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patsprincess said...

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but it seems like that Pats are doing a great job of fixing what went wrong before. Okay this sounds crazy, but hear me out! They have always been criticized for not being able to finish off a game and loosing it in the third period. Rewind a few games, and they went to OT and SOs lots, including the odd win. Then, they were criticized for not having strong starts. Last two games, the Pats have ended the first period tied with the other team (both of which are highly ranked in the league). So what is the missing component in both of the last two games? The second period. That is what killed them. Well, that and the fact that they are playing like individuals in teh same colour jersey rather than a team, but they had a serious "players only" meeting to try to address that an take responsibility for their faults. I truly believe that they will shape up after that.
Do you have any thoughts on who the "surprising" scratches will be this weekend? In Rod Pederson's post game show, Sutter commented that some messages needed to be sent to some of the older players who aren't trying hard enough and making stupid mistakes.
Anyway, Go Pats!