Friday, February 12, 2010

Saskatchewan Shines Brightly In Vancouver

On a day where sadness permeated throughout the Olympic community, it ended with an opening ceremonies that won't soon be forgotten by those who saw it and for many who unexpectedly and surprisingly became a part of it. It was an amazing opening ceremonies as the athletes of the world marched into BC Place. It may not have been lavish at what we saw in Beijing, but it was Canadiana at its best. I don't know who read the poem about what Canada stands for, but I loved it. I loved seeing Caterina Lemay Doan, Nancy Greene, Steve Nash, Rick Hansen and Wayne Gretzky simultaneously light the torch inside BC Place and the sight of Gretzky travelling through downtown Vancouver with ordinary Canadians running beside him and cheering him on sent a shiver down my spine. It was tremendous. Words alone can't describe that. I can't imagine being on the streets of downtown Vancouver in the rain and all of a sudden seeing number 99 come down the street carrying the torch.
How about Saskatchewan's role in the opening ceremonies! Not only did Lemay-Doan have a major part in the ceremonies, but so did Hayley Wickenheiser as she gave the athletes oath. NICE! The only thing missing was a shot of Bob and Doug McKenzie somewhere in BC Place chugging back some Canadian while grilling up some back bacon.
Of course everything was overshadowed by the tragic death of Georgia luge athlete
Nodar Kumaritashvili. If you haven't seen it, you will be startled when you do. If you have seen it, you had to gasp in disbelief at what you had just witnessed. When I saw it, I just stared in horror at my computer screen. I am guessing death was likely instantaneous and that thankfully there was no suffering. Seeing his body hurtle into those poles at a high rate of speed was horrific and disturbing.
Swift Current and Moose Jaw aren't running away from the Pats, but Regina isn't getting the job done. They lose 3-1 in Red Deer meaning its about come to the point where they just about have to win out. That isn't going to happen. Its starting to look like Reginans will go a 2nd year without playoff hockey at the Brandt Centre---unless of course the Broncos need the rink seeing they won't have theirs because of the World Curling Championship.
Rider fans aren't feeling any better over this off-season today even though Andy Fantuz is back. The joy of his return was tempered by the news a couple of hours later that middle linebacker Rey Williams had apparently signed or will be signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That means three major cogs of last year's defence are now gone with Eddie Davis and Tad Kornegay appear to be going into free agency. If you have seen Rod's blog, you also know that he is reporting Jim Daley could be returning to the organization as an assistant coach. It never gets dull at Taylor Field does it.
Danica Patrick makes her first foray into NASCAR this weekend as she competes in the Nationwide race later today. No doubt, Danica's tiny frame makes her the talk of NASCAR and gives the sport some promotion, but can a little lady make it with the good ol boys or not. I hope she can succeed, but I think I'm in the moral minority when I say that.
As you go into your weekend, I say this....

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Yes, oh to see the "Hosers" doing their schtick and chugging back a wobbly pop. What up with K.D. Lang? The Vancouver Olympics will be remembered, unfortunately at a serious expense.

Anonymous said...

A tremendous ceremony. It was much better than I expected. Having Wayne in the back of the truck with the torch in his hand going through downtown Vancouver allowing the "ordinary" citizen to have a chance at participating was outstanding.

I am tired at the poaching that has taken place this year. I know we should be flattered, but enough is enough. McCullough can step in for Williams and I guess its time to draft a young Cdn LB with our first pick.

If Rod is correct with the Jim Daley pick, I'm OK with it. Having guys with head coaching experience like Daley and Berry on staff will help Miller and maybe Taman as well.

The final nail will be driven in the Pats coffin soon. MJ wins last night so they are further back.


Anonymous said...

Did this want-ad appear in Vancouver papers about 3 months ago?

Wanted--attractive, leggy blondes to participate in opening ceremonies. Must be able to look good in a winter jacket and be abe to hold a sign. Even my wife noticed the talent on display.

Anonymous said...

If they wanted to make it more Canadian, they should have had each athlete walk in with a Tim Hortons coffee in their hand.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchy! Make it 3 years, cuz we'll get the boot next year because of the Men's Worlds.

Anonymous said...

Timmies for everyone. HA HA HA HA!