Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick Poll

Who should carry the Canadian flag into Sunday's closing ceremonies

A)Alex Bilodeau

B)Joannie Rochette

C)Charles Hamelin

D)Sidney Crosby (If Can wins hockey gold)

E)Hayley Wickenheiser

F)Insert name here

Let me know who your selection would be.


Anonymous said...

no brainer Rochette

Anonymous said...

Joannie Rochette, if she would consider it, would be a touching tribute for an anthlete/person who just lost her mother.
I think it would be a great tribute by Olympic Canada.


Anonymous said...

B. While Bilodeau made history by winning the first gold on Canadian soil, Rochette's story was so compelling that she deserves the honour.

Anonymous said...

F. Jon Montgomery. He would wave the Maple Leaf until his arms fell off. He was the Canadian star at these games.


Anonymous said...

Canada is hockey. If the men win tomorrow, make it Sid. If the US wins, let Hayley carry it.


Anonymous said...

Rochette is the sentimental pick, but Bilodeau did make Canadian history and should be rewarded for that by getting the honour.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only reason Bilodeau is a hero is because of the scheduler of the Games. Give it to Hamelin who brought Canada two Golds.

Tarcy said...

Rochette. Simple. The heart-warmingest story of the games. In her mom's honour.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Canada is Hockey", how about the Cdn. athletes who have brought home 25 OTHER MEDALS ALREADY! I really think it's time for us to put the "Canada is hockey and nothing else" attitude to bed. We are SO MUCH MORE than a "one-trick pony".