Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Utterly Disgusted!

Canada might still win gold in mens hockey at Vancouver. However, it really looks as if perhaps they could return from Vancouver without any medal. Yes, Ryan Miller was the story in the Americans 5-3 win over Canada on Sunday night, but Canadians from coast-to-coast are seeing their worst nightmare come true. My thoughts after what I saw Sunday.

1)Alex Ovechkin is the best player in the world and the gap between him and the number 2 player is a wide one. When Russia needed something to get their game going, Ovie flattens Jaromir Jagr with an open-ice hit resulting in a turnover and a Russian goal. He gave them the spark that was needed. What did Canada's so-called greatest player do in a game where he was needed the most. Well, Sid gets the Americans going by inexplicably deciding to screen Marty Brodeur and then deflecting the puck past his goalie. All part of a minus 3 effort on this night. That is simply unacceptable.

2)Joe Thornton is proving to once again be the biggest big game bust in Canadian history. What is it about this guy when the playoffs or international competition rolls around. Has he made any impact during the Olympics? Those of you thinking the Sharks are going to win the Stanley Cup are going to be very disappointed come playoff time.

3) If Thornton isn't the worst Canadian on the ice, then the honor has to go to Chris Pronger. How many mistakes can one make without being benched? Pronger wasn't alone though when it comes to bad defensive play.

4)While Marty Brodeur did not play well, how can the guys in the striped shirts sit there and say there was no goalie interference on the 3rd American goal. You call a b-s goalie interference call on Ryan Getzlaf in the first and then let that one get away. ????????

5)Where is that Canadian passion and hunger that we are so famous for. Where was the urgency from the get-go? There is a lack of intensity on this team.

The time for screwing around is over. A big win is needed over Germany and then comes what many thought would be the gold-medal game against Russia in a quarter-final matchup. If Canada loses in the quarter-finals, there will be squawking from one end of this country to the other. This could get ugly!
We can sit here and be angry at what the hockey team is doing, but the anger we feel is nothing compared to what Canadian figure skater Joanie Rochette is feeling. Just days before the biggest competition of her life, Rochette wakes up this morning to learn her mother has died just hours after arriving in Vancouver from a heart attack. Rochette says she will skate and it is hoped that she can somehow find a way to put this tragedy behind her for a couple of days and somehow find a way to get herself onto the podium. If she does, she will be a part of Canadian Olympic history but for reasons she would rather not have to go through. We will all be rooting for you to skate the performance of a lifetime Joanie.
The Pats can't buy a break. After closing the gap between themselves and Moose Jaw to five points, Prince Albert goes into Swift Current and upset the Broncos to move into that 8th and final playoff spot as they now sit one up on Moose Jaw and six ahead of Regina.
Have we seen the last of Kerry Joseph? The Argos cut Joseph on Sunday. Is there any team out there that wants Joseph because of his age? I can't see him coming back to Saskatchewan even though there are some out there that would like to see that happen. Could he end up in Winnipeg? Methinks he might be done. It asks the question as to who will be the quarterback in Toronto now that Joseph is gone. Steven Jyles has apparently signed with the Bombers. Some are saying we will see David Braley take a quarterback from his one team (Jarious Jackson or Buck Pierce) and send him to the other. If this happens, there will be many in league circles wondering WTF especially if BC doesn't get much in return.
The Argos also cut linebacker Zeke Moreno. Would he be a good replacement for Rey Williams? Then again, Williams' departure might just show us how good a football player Mike McCullough is. The guy has never failed when he's been called upon and if he's the starter this year, it wouldn't surprise me to see Mike end up playing at an all-star level.
Nothing that happened in the WWE Elimination Chamber ppv surprised me. Nothing at all. C'mon Vince, you gotta do a better job than that.
The 1980 US Olympic hockey team beat Russia 30 years ago yesterday in an event that is still spoken about. I thought NBC did a tremendous job in looking back at the "Miracle On Ice" in Lake Placid on Sunday. It got me to thinking if Canada has ever had a sporting moment like that where there was no way we were supposed to win, but we did. I don't think the 1972 Summit Series can qualify. I can't think of one off the top of my head. By the way, NBC gives us this great half hour documentary on the 1980 mens hockey team and then instead of going to the Canada-US game, it went to ice dancing. It was such a perfect set-up and they blew it.
Is it just me or is Ben Mulroney becoming a bigger part of Olympic morning? Does Canada need that much Ben? Really! For that matter, do we need Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy. What network are they normally on and why are they considered as important. By the way, Dan is Eugene's son. If you have seen him, how can you tell?
Is Jon Montgomery a guy that you would love to sit down and have a beer with? He might be the biggest winner of all when it comes to Canadian athletes once the games are over.
As you start your Monday, I say this to you...

We must believe in luck. How else can we explain the success of those we don't like?


Anonymous said...

Joe Thornton and Chris Pronger are an embarassment for our country. Why Stevie Y even considered Joe after his dismal playoff last year is beyond me. As for Pronger, can he go two shifts without making a bad play.

This Olympics has been disappointing to me with the failure of many Cdn athletes, but this one tops the cake.


Anonymous said...

Calling Jordan Eberle. Canada needs you and needs you now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Relax everyone/ Lets remember how bad Canada was against Sweden in Salt Lake City and how they came back to win gold. The tournament starts now and Canada won't let you down.

Anonymous said...

We can all bitch and moan about the hockey team, and for good reason. However, the struggles Ms. Rochette is going through far outweighs one nations hope for its hockey heroes. Lets hope the disappointment that the hockey team is providing us can be made up by a young woman skating in memory of her mother and getting a medal. If that were to occur, these games would be successful to me.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Getzlaf needs to pick up his game as well. His passing was horrible last night.

Anonymous said...

Miller beat Brodeur and that is why the US won. Canada had 40 plus shots so why all the complaining. If Brodeur had brought his "A" game, we wouldn't be in this position. Get Luongo in there!

Anonymous said...

Salt Lake City ?

We had Joe Sakic, Mario Lemieux, Theo Fluery and Adam Foote.

All players who KNEW how to win, period.

What have Joe Thornton, Rick Nash and Dany Heatley won ? Squat. They stunk in 2006 and they stink now. Even Jarome Iginla isn't looking very good.

Good players, yes. Good team, absolutely not.

Canada 4 Germany 2
Russia 6 Canada 1

Russia will play the US for gold. USA wins.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Do not break anything jumping off the wagon. Extra game a blessing in order to further develop as team. Jeez, stay positive they dominated the game and got beat by a hot goalie. Thats the biggest fear of all teams in this tournament..... there are times you do not lose but just run out of time. Go Canada Go

Anonymous said...

I hope your buddy Jamie Nye has the balls to put the question to Remenda tonight about Thornton. I'd love to hear Drew try and protect his precious Thornton and tell everyone how he hasn't been god awful. I know you'd do it.


Mike from Vita, MB said...

I wonder why the horn was being sounded when the Yanks scored? Isn't the game in Canada? Hmm!!!!

TIme for the boys to stop resting on their laurels and start playing hockey, Canadian style. They might get booed again in Vancouver like the "72 team.

Tyler said...

The Undertaker apparently caught fire due to a pyro accident at the PPV. That sort of surprised me when I read it.