Friday, February 19, 2010


All I had to do was listen to 60 seconds of last night's Pats game to get what I wanted. Rod Pedersen informed me it was 5-0 Brandon and that the Wheat Kings had just scored their 4th powerplay goal. CLICK! Final score Brandon 10 Regina 2. Playoff chances---POOF! As much as I would like to see this team make the playoffs, it is time to recognize that simply won't happen because they just aren't good enough. How a team that has Jordan Eberle, Colten Teubert, Carter Ashton and Jordan Weal is not going to the playoffs is one that will and should anger Regina hockey fans. In reading Rod's blog, it sounds like the striped shirts were once again not on Regina's side which is not an excuse, but you can't win a game in the penalty box.
The Pats are back on the ice tonight as the Chilliwack Bruins come to town in a game that Kelly Remple and I will bring to you on Access 7. I'm guessing the bus ride home was a very quiet one. We will see tomorrow if this team has given up on the season. If they play their ass off, you will know they are going to fight until the end. If they come out of the gate looking as if they want to be elsewhere, it could be another long night and it will be a sign that perhaps they are ready to mail in the final couple of weeks. I hope its not that scenario.
Many, many different views on Tiger's 13 minute speech yesterday. A lot of it positive and a lot of it negative. I just wonder how this story would have changed had Tiger just spoken less than 48 hours after the incident outside his home happened instead of hiding from authorities.
I don't care what you say---skeleton is cool! I think it would be a rush to hurtle face first down a solid sheet of ice at 140 km/h. Jon Montgomery thinks its cool and Canadians think he is cool today after he wins a gold medal last night. Melissa Hollingsworth should have been on the podium as well, but she gagged it big-time on her last run and finished 5th. Hollingsworth was one of those that many believed would win gold. She is just the latest in a long list of Canadian athletes who were supposed to do that and failed at Olympics present and past. Canada ends the first week in Vancouver with 8 medals. We are not "owning the podium". I'm not disappointed with the first week, but I'm not ecstatic either.
Its been a long time since I had a meal at Bonanza. It will be a long time before I have another meal at Bonanza. The price compared to the serving is brutal. I should have known.
What is Steven Jyles waiting for?
I had an unflattering comment(that wasn't published because of the language) about my comment yesterday regarding the 97 Rider team that went to the Grey Cup under Jim Daley. The "anonymous" (what a surprise) commenter was not happy with the fact I said the 97 Riders couldn't compete with the 2008 Riders. Is there anyone else out there that believes the 97 Riders were better than the 2008 version. I'm thinking if I asked Jim Daley that question he would laugh and answer the 2008 team. If you think I am wrong, fire away and let me know why, but keep it clean.
I hope a lot of you are at the Pats game tonight, but if not, hopefully I'll talk to you tonight on Access.
As you start the weekend, ask yourself this....

What if you got away from it all and there was no place to stay?


Anonymous said...

You missed a 3rd period gong show in which Teubert jumped Stone and laid a beating on him. It was a pretty gutless act, but your buddy Rod Pedersen will tell you it had to be done and that the idiot was justified. He had better keep his head up in that last home and home. Same for Eberle too.

Hope that bus ride was a nice one ladies. 10-2 looks good on you!

Brandon Bob

Mike from Vita, MB said...

It's too bad that when teams play bushleague, the other team doesn't skate off the ice, phone the league and file a protest. The Pats needed Grimson and Boogarrd to settle things down.

I'm thinking the "anonymous" option needs to be removed from your blog. If any individual doesn't want to identify themselves, their comments are not posted. 1997 Riders better than any RIder team since 2007...someone is smoking some bad stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly McCrimmon and the Brandon Wheat Kings are assholes. Always have been, always will be. He has the league in his backpocket. One of his guys delivers a head shot to Mitchell two weeks ago and not a peep is heard about it. Brandon guys get away with so much crap its ridiculous. I hope they go ofer and embarass themselves at the MC.

See ya at the rink tonight Mitch. If you can come down and say Hi!


Anonymous said...

Bonanza?? What are you thinking!

free thinker said...

Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Blair I hate the word not! Why not! teams can go on streaks and win alot like they did in January! and other teams can go on a long losing streak! sports is filled with late season comebacks Do not say not yet they can still make it!