Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Than A Medal

Joannie Rochette has a bronze medal and the respect and admiration of all who watched her perform. The Canadian figure skater put out a gutsy and dramatic performance in her long skate to win a bronze medal under the most difficult of circumstances Thursday night. We've all heard the story by now. Rochette's mom passing away just hours after arriving in Vancouver to watch her daughter skate. No one would have said a word had Joannie decided to skip the competition. She knew what she had to do though, and she went out and did it by performing not one, but two marvellous skates to take home a medal. Her courage will be remembered by many who watched and her medal may be the one that most Canadians talk about in future years.
When Vancouver was awarded the Olympics, Canadians wanted two things. 1)a gold medal in womens hockey and 2) a gold medal in mens hockey. 50 percent of that has been accomplished. The Canadians blanked the Americans 2-0 in the gold medal final to start a celebration that we all hope will be repeated Sunday afternoon. I loved the Canadian flag with the maple leaf colored in gold. There are only two countries that are good in womens hockey and well, the US has a ways to go before they take the throne from us. Its always great seeing a medal get placed around the neck of Shaunavon's Hayley Wickenheiser. Believe it or not, she can do it again in 2014 at Sochi as she will only be 35.
Its Canada vs Slovakia in one mens semi-final tonight. After Wednesday's demolition of the Russians, the Slovakians should be fodder for Team Canada, but they can't afford to take this team lightly. The Canadians will have to use the same formula they used against Russia and that is to come out fast and to hit everything in sight. The Slovaks come in having beat Russia and Sweden so you know they are formidable. Marian Gaborik, Zdeno Chara, Jaroslav Halak, Marian Hossa and Pavol Demitra could make things difficult. The other semi has Finland against the U-S. Kiprusoff against Miller. I would think the U-S has too much speed and firepower to beat the Finns, but Flame fans know what Kiprusoff can do. We will take a Finland-Canada final on Sunday, but we all know that isn't the game we want to see.
Eddie Davis' brilliant career has come to an end. The long-time Rider defensive back has decided to hang it up after 15 years. His retirement means Anthony Calvillo is the lone player left in the league from the days of the American expansion. His retirement might also mean the biggest loss in the off-season. Yes, losing John Chick and Stevie Baggs hurts, but Davis was like a coach on the field. It puts the pressure on Lance Frazier to become the leader of that group now and puts pressure on Chris McKenzie to help cover the many talented inside receivers the CFL have. There is no doubt in my mind that Eddie will get the call to the CFL hall of fame and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a Plaza of Honor inductee. He was one of the guys that helped bring this team from the depths of despair to the joy of being on top.
Many think the Pats season is over. Optimists will cling to the fact that they have two games left against Swift Current and one against P-A. They need to win all of those games in regulation to have a chance. Basically it means win tonight or else its over.
That's it for me. Have a good Friday. Go into it with this

If our wife is supposed to be our best friend, why aren't sports bars packed with tables of two watching the football and hockey games. (Thanks for that one Chop!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Joannie Rochette. Her story this week is one of tragedy and one of inspiration.


Scott said...

We as Canadians should be so proud of Joannie. Watching her skate last night, I found myself my nervous and excited than during a hockey game. Every time she took a jump a was worried that she might slip but she did everything perfect. With all she is going through I don't know how she did but she did it. After she was done her skate and when she was getting her Medal. My eyes teared up and. My girlfriend said are you crying? Of course I said know, I'm happy but not crying.Lol.