Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's Going Where

CFL free agency is upon us. What players are going to call another team home for the next couple of years? What players will decide to stay where they are? I would have to say the crop of free agents is a rather weak one, especially when you consider the best ones have already re-signed (Kerry Watkins) or headed to the NFL (Ricky Foley).

Rider fans want to know what will become of some of their guys. It's my guess Steven Jyles is gone. Its my guess Tad Kornegay may be heading elsewhere. I think Eddie Davis will return and I honestly don't know what the future holds for Wes Cates. You would have to think if the Riders wanted number 20 back that they would have signed him before now, but you never know. Will Marcus Adams be back? If for some reason Kornegay, Davis and Adams all leave for greener pastures, how different will the defence look in 2010?

With John Chick and Stevie Baggs both pursuing an NFL career, will the Riders show any interest in Jonathan Brown?
I get the feeling the Vancouver Olympics will start in earnest tomorrow night for many Canadians as mens hockey starts. Canada will go up against Norway in the opener. Roberto Luongo gets the start with Martin Brodeur guarding the goal against Switzerland. We should be able to lay the boots to the Norwegians---shouldn't we?
A lot of Americans were discussing today whether NBC was in the wrong for showing footage of the tragic accident that killed the luge athlete prior to the opening ceremonies. I haven't heard this debate in Canada, but I see nothing wrong with showing the footage because that is the story. I don't necessarily endorse showing the grisly scene over and over and over again, but NBC, CTV, etc, etc had no choice but to show it. If we can see the sights of dead bodies in Haiti, and other grisly images that come across our TV screen, I think we can show what happened Friday. If they don't, people will look for some avenue to find it. The footage had to be shown. Warnings were given telling you to look away because what you will see is disturbing. You had your choice not to see it. I don't think the death is being glamorized in any fashion. I think its just some people who have nothing better to do than start an argument.
Another medal for Canada on Monday gives us four total. Are we owning the podium? With all the hype we were given going into these games, I thought we would have more than four. Maybe my expectations were a little high. More medals are coming so its far to early to tell if these Olympics are a good one for our athletes or not. You know its a good one for Alex Bilodeau. How thrilling would it have been to meet Wayne Gretzky and have Gretzky ask to get a picture taken with you. That says something. Seeing the scene inside BC Place last night makes me wonder what it would have been like to be there and it makes me wonder if Vancouver will shut down should the mens hockey team win gold.
A big win for Moose Jaw as they edge Portland 7-6. That win moves them seven points ahead of Regina and two up on 8th place Swift Current. The Broncos seem to be struggling somewhat down the stretch. Will PA or Regina catch them? I'm thinking the Warriors might be alright.
Did NBC really confuse Terry Fox for Michael J. Fox and indicate that Michael was dead before Friday's opening ceremonies. If so, HA HA HA!! You fail Canada 101 NBC.
As you go into Tuesday, remember

If you think there is good in everyone, you haven't met everyone

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Anonymous said...

With Chick and Baggs gone, the defence will already have a different look to it in 10. I don't know how many more shots it can take. Here's hoping Kornegay, Adams and Davis all re-sign.