Saturday, February 13, 2010

On The Board

Its not the medal Canadians wanted, its not the medal Jennifer Heil wanted, but it is a medal. I'm guessing Canadians from coast-to-coast have never watched a moguls competition as closely as they did Saturday night, but we did and we came oh so close to watching history. Heil had the gold medal in her grasp with one skier left, but American Hannah Kearney had the run of her life(at least it was according to those on CTV and NBC) to win the gold medal and extend our drought of never winning Olympic gold on Canadian soil---albeit temporarily.
While Heil wins the medal, the story might have been that of Montreal teenager Chloe Dufour-Lapointe who finished 5th in her first ever Olympiad. While its a long ways away, I'm guessing Dufour-Lapointe will be considered a medal favourite in 2014.

Speaking of medal favourites in 2014, add Regina's Lucas Makowsky to that list. He performed quite well finishing 13th in the mens 5000 metres. I know someone out there knows the answer to this so I'll ask. What relation is he if any to Gene?

Watching the moguls on Saturday night, I came away with three things
1)That sport must be murder on a competitors knees and ankles
2)Was there no one in the pro-Canadian crowd who could have let Heil borrow their Canadian flag? She really was in need of one
3)I love the couches that competitors sit on when they are done. If they are in the medals, they can bounce someone off, I love that!

Canada's womens hockey team beat Slovakia 18-0. Can we just play the Americans in a best of 7 to determine gold and have everyone fight it out for bronze. They showed a stat on Saturday saying there are over 77-thousand registered female hockey players in Canada. 77-thousand!

When watching the Olympic coverage on CTV, is it just me or does James Duthie look nervous and out of place. He seemed that way watching him on Saturday. Also is it just me or is the makeup artist going a little too far on some people. Take a look today.

Working Olympic morning with Beverly Thomson may really elevate the status of Jay Onrait. Those who normally watch him do so late at night when he does Sportscentre with Dan O'Toole. Onrait is great and this gig should really give him a boost.

With Jennifer Hedger based in Whistler, how many guys are going to/have already hit on her this week? Is Sean McCormick there? (For those that don't know Hedger and McCormick are man and wife)Wait a minute, isn't Rob Vanstone based in Whistler too. HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

The great Dan Patrick uttered this line on NBC Saturday night. "I am looking forward to Olympic curling, I love covering a sport where there's a keg out in the lobby.
The Pats beat the Oil Kings 6-1 as Jordan Eberle had a goal and two assists on the Rexall Place ice he will call home next year. A huge crowd came out in Edmonton to see the Oilers future on display. He didn't disappoint! The result means Regina is five points back of Swift Current and the last playoff spot. They are four back of 9th place Prince Albert.
Everyone railed on Kevin Lowe for not getting a lot for Chris Pronger. Well, how about that deal Bryan Murray made with the Sharks for Dany Heatley. It was so bad that the Senators placed Jonathan Cheechoo on waivers and have now demoted him to the AHL. What the h-e double hockey sticks happened to Cheechoo. He was a 50 goal scorer a couple of years ago.
Joel Jordison is one step away from a repeat trip to the Brier. He beat Randy Bryden in the 1 vs 2 game at the Sasktel Tankard Saturday night. Bryden will play Darrell McKee Sunday morning with the winner going up against Jordison Sunday afternoon. I wish Global was doing the Tankard, but once again they are not. The final is going to be on SaskTel Max Local on Demand. It will be shown later this week.
Speaking of Global, their news department must be loving the next two weeks. Does everyone at CTV across the country get time off during the Olympics? There is no noon news in Regina, no 6 and no late night because of the games. I am told there will be a 430 news, but who is going to watch that? I'm sure the decision comes from higher up, but not having at least a 6 o'clock news is not a good thing as far as this viewer is concerned. Global might and should find themselves with a lot of new viewers over the next two weeks. The question is "How many will stay?".
Costco was an absolute zoo on Saturday! I thought everyone would be checking out the new Walmart. I was wrong! Is there ever a time at Costco when its slow. If so, when?
Hey Rider fans, no one left today. Is this considered a good day then?
That's it for me! Guys, its Valentines Day. Treat your lady right today. I thought about getting my lady laser eye surgery, but then she might actually see what kind of schmuck she has in her life. I'll pass. I'm glad her taste in men is bad. Yes, I outkicked my coverage when I landed her.
As you go into Sunday, I say...
I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.


Anonymous said...

Gene is Lucas's uncle. My guess is Cheechoo is leading the party life. Drugs and/or alcohol have been the dimise of many good athletes.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Don't you read the LP? Vanstone reported that the Makowsky's are second cousins. BTW, TSN has named the Riders the Official CFL team of the Canadian Olympics. Makowsky's, Getzlaff, makes sense.

McCormick definitely hit the jackpot being hitched up with Hedger. Pretty good for a guy who began his broadcasting career in Yorkton like Chris Cuthbert, Perry Solkowski in CTV Vancouver, Kevin Karius at Global Edmonton, Lee Jones and TSN's Darren Dreger, the pride of MacNutt, Sk.

Anonymous said...

She didn't win, but it made for an exciting Saturday night on television. I never thought I would pass up HNIC for womens moguls!

Dave said...

Cheechoo was a product of Joe Thorton, I could score 20 goals in the NHL if I was on his line.

Anonymous said...

Uh Mitch, not sure where you have been but Jenn has made it quite clear that her name is Jenn, not Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

The Pats will make it. They will get crushed in the 1st round by Calgary or Brandon, but they will get in. Will it be worth it for two more home games?

Kevin said...

We wish we were doing the SaskTel Tankard as well. We miss it!

PS - Not sure on the relationship between Lucas and Gene but they are related. Lucas says it in his bio on his website.

Kevin said...

Huge crowd in Edmonton? When is 6000 a huge crowd in a 16000 seat arena?