Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That's More Like It

Mike Babcock and his Canadian mens hockey team has shut up their detractors(including me) after one of the best efforts I have seen from a Canadian team of NHL'ers. It was a complete and total annihilation of Russia at "Canada Hockey Place" as the host nation moved into the semis with a 7-3 win.
This game was Canada's right from the opening faceoff. They had an intensity they didn't have in the first three games and it showed. They took it to the Russians from the opening puck-drop and they simply couldn't match it.
Alex Ovechkin was neutralized. He was a non-factor. When he was slammed into the boards by Drew Doughty midway through the first, it seemed like he didn't want to do anymore. He was taken out of his game.
Several Canadian players stepped up to the plate when they had to. Some still left a little to be desired, but many came through and played hockey the way Canada wants it played. Those that were critical (including me) can't be critical now. They have gotten to the final four and all of a sudden one wonders if there is a rematch against the Americans on Sunday.
The Vancouver Giants beat the Pats 4-3. Regina got some help as Chilliwack beat Prince Albert, but Moose Jaw earned a point as they lost in overtime to Saskatoon. Here's how it looks this morning...

7. Moose Jaw 10gr 67 points
8. Swift Current 8 gr 66 points
9. Prince Albert 9gr 65 points
10. Regina 8gr 59 points
The Rider Nation is ecstatic over the acquisition of Prechae Rodriguez from the Ti-Cats. Why shouldn't they be excited! I'm guessing Darian Durant is smiling from ear-to-ear after he learned of this deal. Rodriguez makes the Rider offence even more dangerous than it was last year. I don't think there is any doubt that this team has the best group of pass-catchers in the league. According to Sportsnet's Perry Lefko, you can credit Jason Clermont for making this deal happen. Lefko says Clermont was willing to take a sizable pay cut from his salary of 110-thousand dollars to make this happen. If this is true, what does it say about Clermont who I think we all agree had a frustrating 2009. You know he wasn't happy with the way things went down last year, but he just kept playing and will apparently be playing with a reduced role in 2010. He could have laughed off this request, but he was more than willing to do what had to be done to get this team to a GC championship.
Curling is getting a lot of attention in Vancouver, but its not for the "hokeyness" of the sport. Curling is getting a lot of attention because of the competitors looks. Several American websites have talked about the "hotness" of competitors on both the mens and womens side. In fact, one website had John Morris as the sexiest male athlete at the games. Could this be what the sport needs to increase its profile?
How can they call it the two man bobsled when women are competing. It doesn't matter because we OWN that sport. OWN it I say!
I'm still contemplating the Twitter thing.
As you go into your Thursday, I ask you this question.

Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?


mongo said...

nice game...nice trade...a good day all around...come to the dark side...lots of interesting tidbits on twitter...don't have to take it seriously...just enjoy the updates...what the's free!!!


Anonymous said...

The road to gold became a lot smoother last night thanks to Slovakia. Methinks we are going to see the good old USA again.

How much ice time did Pronger have last night. I hardly noticed him.

Sid seemed disinterested as well. For a game billed as Crosby vs Ovechkin, it certainly wasn't that.

Nabokov wins the Patrick Lalime lookalike ward.

Gotta love Brendan Morrow.


Anonymous said...

How much longer until Drew Doughty wins a Norris Trophy? This guy is unreal. Weber is a real stud too. These guys will lead us into 2014 on the blueline.

Go with the Twitter!

Anonymous said...

They were just as good against the US. The US took away the opportunity to score off the rush so it wasnt as pretty to non educated fans. Everyone thinks last night was some awesome effort. They (Russians) played an overhyped opponent who played lazy and uninspired hockey, allowing for more odd man rushed and open players offensively. Thus, the layman sees last night's effort as some sort of epiphony. They were great against the US and the goalie played like he was drunk. Against the Russians, they took advantage of lazy backchecks and d zone coverage and bad goaltending. Shame on anyone who turned their backs on this team after the US. And shame on anyone who considers themselves a knowledgable hockey person who looks at a scoreboard and highlight reel goals as their criteria for a passing grade. If you bailed on this team once, get lost till next tourney. PS - I will be surprised if this gets posted.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should say (Canadians) in the brackets on post above.

Anonymous said...

Who is the sanctimonious piece of garbage writing the above comments?
Don't give me this Canada played well against the US crap. Did Pronger play well? Did Brodeur play well? Did Iginla play well? Did Perry play well? The list goes on and on. Just because one gets 41 shots on goal does not mean one should automatically win a hockey game.
If Canada had come out with the effort against the Americans that they had against the Russians, they would have clubbed them as well.
I suppose you are going to sit there and tell me because you seem to be a more "knowledgeable" hockey fan than all of us that was going to happen last night.

Even though many people took Russia vs Canada to be in the gold,and many thought Russia would win, you thought Russia would wilt and die and that they were "overhyped" Gimme a break.

Quit reading "Hockey for Dummies" and post again when you come up with something that is logical.

Mitch, why post something so stupid?


Anonymous said...

Not only did Doughty make Ovechkin disappear, but Malkin and Kovalchuk wanted no part of it either.
If Canada plays like that tomorrow and Sunday, its game over!

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Good post Dennis!

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Canada has to play a certain way to win, which was evident vs the Russians. Play the same way two more games and the Gold medals are ours (Canada's). I'm thinking the Slovaks aren't too keen on playing the bangup game, but that's what's going to hit them Friday night.