Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interesting Theory On Tiger

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd is a must-listen for me most days. The guy is outstanding at what he does. Listening to him Tuesday, he had some interesting words when it comes to Tiger Woods and his "sex addiction". Cowherd says if you are an alcoholic or a drug addict, it starts to affect what you do on a daily basis. Tiger's running around obviously has had no effect on his golf game. He was as good as he always has been. Cowherd also suggested that even if Tiger does nothing but think about women all day, is he that much different than the average man who married or not does not hesitate to give a pretty woman a second glance when she walks by. Its been said before Tiger's biggest sin in this whole thing was the fact he was married. Others can go from woman to woman and nothing is said, but once that ring is on your finger, it changes everything. Alex Rodriguez has been said to have been dating many women since his relationship with Kate Hudson came to an end, but no one is making A-Rod to be like Tiger. However, they were when he was photographed with a stripper in Toronto while he was still married. Are rock stars going through sex addiction clinics? No, because its not affecting their profession any. If they were, guys like Tommy Lee and Axl Rose would be card-carrying members. One of TV's best shows features a guy that can't get enough sack-time and that is "Two and A Half Men". You'll never see the episode where Charlie Harper goes to a sex addiction clinic. Charlie isn't married so he can go out and get as much as he wants when he wants and no one bats an eye at it. I'm not buying everything Cowherd said on Tuesday, but I'm not discounting it either. Some of what he says is the truth.
Will Regina's Ryan Getzlaf play at the Olympics are not? As you know, he suffered a sprained ankle Monday night. He is awaiting results on an MRI to see if he can play in Vancouver. If he can't, you have to think Steve Yzerman will be giving Steven Stamkos a call. Is there really anyone else that he should be calling? Stamkos has 33 goals and is the guy that everyone believes should be on the team now. If Stamkos isn't the guy, then it has to be Jeff Carter. If its not Stamkos, Yzerman has some explaining to do. Hopefully for Getzlaf, he will be there and he will be at 100 percent.
David Braley now owns 25 percent of the CFL franchises as he is now officially the owner of the Lions and the Argos. I'm sorry, that's not right! One guy can not own two franchises in the same league. Then again, this is the same league that at one time had two of its nine teams with the same nickname.
Google Maps now has a visual of Regina. Have you checked out your place yet?
Good news for the Pats as both the Warriors and Broncos lose. The bad news is they lose as well dropping a 6-2 decision in Brandon. It doesn't get any easier tonight as Calgary is here in a 7 o'clock start.
Has anyone seen the show "Blue Mountain State" on Spike? Should I be watching this? It looks good, but I haven't sat down to watch it yet. Any reviews would be welcome.
Who is going to light the Olympic Torch Friday night. I vote for Betty Fox--Terry's mom!
The Thrashers have sent goalie Kari Lehtonen to Dallas. What does this mean for Marty Turco? I'm guessing a Cup contender would love to add Turco to their stable. Marty to the Hawks? What about Detroit?
The NHL will open next year in Europe again with six teams playing in three cities. The Wild and Hurricanes will play in Helsinki, the Sharks and Jackets in Stockholm with the Bruins and Coyotes playing a pair in Prague. Why does Gary Bettman feel this is necessary? I think the NHL is quite strong in Europe and he doesn't need to take guys over for regular-season games. Try concentrating on what to do with those hockey markets that you thought would thrive that aren;t Gary!
A sure sign that spring is near. The first baseball preview magazine of the year has hit the store shelves.
As you start your Thursday, ask yourself this...

If Mars had earthquakes would they be called marsquakes?


Kevin said...

Given the fact the Phoenix Coyotes have had a ton of troubles at home - wouldn't it make more sense to start the season at home where you can build on your fan base?

Not to mention... where are they getting the money to make such a long trip? They should be doing what they can to SAVE money lol

Anonymous said...

David Braley can own all 8 teams if he wants. He stabilized Hamilton in the '90's, and he made the BC franchise soar to new heights by putting the right people in place.

He will put a plan in place for Toronto, and execute that plan effectively. There will be no conflict of interest because if you look at the people he's hired they would walk out in a second if it happened. He is not the first Owner to own 2 businesses in the same industry never mind football.

This is much better than the league taking over the team, and then teams like Sask having to send their money East.

This also has zero effect on the everyday fan.


Anonymous said...

If Tiger wasn't married, he would be on the course doing his thing. How many pro athletes have many women at their beckon call on the road? Football players, baseball players and hockey players for sure have many an affair. Don't get me wrong, Tiger should pay for his sins and he is, but this whole sex addiction thing is a load of crap. If he we were a single man, he would have a lot more money now and in some circles he would be applauded for getting as much as he can.


Anonymous said...

What will Braley do if its a BC-Toronto GC? This makes the CFL look bad. You don't see Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder owning a 2nd NFL franchise, you don't see Mark Cuban with a 2nd NBA franchise, you don't even see Jim Balsillie with one NHL franchise.

Anonymous said...

Both Stamkos and Carter should be on the Olympic team as far as I'm concerned. Losing Getzlaf would not be good when it comes to our chances of getting gold.

How about Turco to Washington? I'm not sold on Theodore and Varlamov, but Turco would improve that area for them immensely.


Anonymous said...

"What will Braley do if its a BC-Toronto GC"?

He'll sit back and applaud the fact that with owning two teams he showed that both excelled on the field to get to the big game. If that happens it will show that not only can he run one franchise with excellence he can run two.

If you are fan of either team you can know you have an owner willing to do anything to get his team into the big game. It is all based on who he hires for his management teams. He has Buono in BC, and now he has Barker in Toronto. Barker will Coach this year, and they'll let Rita's contract run out. With Bob Nicholson at the top it is only a matter of time before Tillman enters the picture, but not as GM. Similar to BC, Toronto is going to have a strong front office, proper recruitment, and good coaching. It's all good things.

For Damien Cox to criticize I'd ask him how many Argo games he attended last year? The people of Toronto should focus on why the Leafs are screwed up along with the Blue Jays. Quit picking on a little CFL team.


Anonymous said...

I am not convinced either way on the ownership situation, but i am sure that with all the 'die hard' fans and the HQ in T.O. that there will definatly not be any conflict and there is even a possibility that there will be no trades between the two teams unless a third team is involved just to ensure that it is transparent.

as for Blue Mt State, it is a funny show,targeted to the 20-35 age group and runs along the same kind of show as My name is Earl, South Park, the old Simpsons... Last night a girl with no arms beat up a football player because he threw a beer to her and said catch... I laughed...